The Watch game

How many of you are into the watch game?  I just purchased my first "expensive" one, a Tag Aquaracer. Set me back 2 grand, which was kind of a deal Kind of like this, but with a white face [Image] Other than that I have an Eco-Drive and a Bulova (probably the best cheap watch you can get btw, 150 for most of their dress watches) But yeah, didn't really see any watch threads out there. What do y'all wear, and also what do y'all suggest as far as future purchases? Discuss

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tobacco craving?

I haven't smoked in like a month, but i'm craving tobacco like crazy. Seriously a dip, pouch, cig, cigar or anything at this point. Any tricks to help curb this?

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993s best sneakers ever?

Discuss smokeyface i believe so. [Image]

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First (real) job

Fucking excited because I just started my career, got a job as a Financial Analyst for Wells Fargo!  Anyone else just get out of college and starting their careers? I feel blessed, having only been out of college for like 3 days...but feels good to be making real money, and to be on my way in the finance world

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Xbox One or PS4? (Getting one of em tomorrow)

So I kinda just realized that the next gen consoles are both out, so I'm gonna get one early in the morning with the black friday crazies tommorow? But I honestly don't know which one to get, at this point they both seem pretty equal to me, all I know is I need a new console because my Xbox 360 won't read discs anymore and my PS3 has been collecting dust for like a year now. I should be able to get either pretty easy because my friend works at Gamestop (i'd imagine that would be better to go to than a best buy) Someone help me?

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Has anyone been able to get one yet? Shit has been sold out everywhere. Just as a cheaper alternative to Apple TV comes out, I can't get a hold of one Well if anyone has it, how does it perform?

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brought back memories 8)

[Embed content]

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Wale leaked

Edited, but its still pretty dope Clappers smokeyface Tired of Dreamin smokeyface Heaven's Afternoon smokeyface gotta admit, easily Wale's best studio album effort

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Big Sean making the same mistake as LAST TIME

Is Big Sean fucking up like he did with the last album: formula seems similar: - Release an acclaimed mixtape (last time was FF3, this time was Detroit) - Release a single that's decently popular (last time was My Last, this time Guap) - Wait WAY too long and let your buzz die down, and then by the time the album releases people have already stopped giving a shit... I feel like Big Sean would have been best off releasing in may, or at least releasing on June 25th with Wale. The longer he waits...the more it seems like his shit is gonna get overshadowed by Drake, and no one is gonna give a fuck about his album. Just a thought, but I think Big Sean's promotion schedule is all fucked up, he would have sold probably 50K more of Finally Famous if he had released it closer to his FF3 buzz. This dude has pretty much disappeared this summer

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Mac Miller - Watching Movies With the Sound Off Snippets

Dude has improved like crazy since the wack shit he used to put out in high school

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Birdman & Rick Ross lost album "The H"

LOLOLOLOLOL. This nigga birdman so trash Apparently its a collab album they made in 08 that never got released

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Cole Haan Gunnisons or Air Grants

Picking up a new pair of loafers, frat cleats, drivers, or w/e the fuck you wanna call em tommorow. However, should I get Air Grants or Gunnisons Air Grants [Image] Obviously they look very similar, so I'm basically wondering which one you guys think is the better shoe, from your experiences, and which one looks better. My gut tells me Air Grants because of the Nike tech, but I don't know whether that's just some gimmicky bullshit. I've only worn moderately priced loafers like Alfani and Clarks in the past and usually haven't spent more than like 60 bucks on em. But since i'm taking the plunge in buying my first pair of quality drivers, i don't want to waste around 150 bucks on an inferior product. Feel free to suggest other, better shoes if you like, just no more than around 150 bucks

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Ying Yang Twins tribute thread

damn, miss these bangers [Embed content] smokeyface skeet so much, they call her billy ocean smokeyfacedick so big, I cum in her throat smokeyfacesuck it, suck it, suck it, lick it, lick it smokeyface let dat ass hit da wall smokeyface

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Gonna eat good off this new Mumford & Sons

[Embed content] new single "I Will Wait" new album "Babel" coming September 21st [Image]

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Support Chik Fil A today

forget faggots, eat chicken smokeyface dem strips and waffle fries smokeyface

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