Whos a Stoner?

so i wanna get a grinder under 20 bucks on here. Anyone ever get one of here? Which is best. http://www.grasscity.com/us_en/

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[FS] Vans W)Taps Era and Sk8 Hi Cordovan/Burgundy Bones SIZE 11 US

i might wanna get those eras

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i cant find anything even worth downloading on that website.

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Dat New KrisKay


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Vans or Chuck Taylors ?


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Dat New KrisKay

the fuck? KrisKay you some wack as fucking rapper. Nigga you are terrible. Ape is dat funny nigga doe. KrisKay mad cuz everyone make fun of you for dat hit me wit a text soft ass pussy niqqa rap. You some ugly ass mofo. Yo sister look hot doe. And you niqqa got matching foxtails with the bitch? da fuck?

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Slim khakis, where to cop?


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My ”LOOK OUT FOR DETOX” Poem… C-Styles

this nigga went to jail?

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