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What's the word on this shirt?

When was this released? any info on where i can get it? [Image]

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Slim-fit Flannels

Any ideas where I could find colored slim fit flannels? blue, green, purple.. anything like that

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Legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent dies at 71

[Quote] Fashion Icon.

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Public School

Where can i cop public school? Specifically the jacket that showed up on the main page [URL]

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Hare Japan Denim?

yeh so i baught this pair of 17cm raw Hare denim off ebay, fit is on point and everything, kinda similar to dior either way, i had payed 90+ shipping, was this a good deal? i don't even know what hare is, ive just seen the word once or twice on this forum.

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Ato Matsumoto's on Ebay

I found it first.. [URL]

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Urich's and Peewee's

How limited were they? and whats a fair price for them? thanks,

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Air Jordan 3's

Whats the retail of these? Is 145 worth for these? [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Jordan

Old Love, New Love... Rare?

Are the old love new love double pack rare? is 300$ +shipping worth it?

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Nike Sb Supa Dunk Socks

How much are they, because i swear i saw someone trying to push em off for alot... Here they are for 12 a pair [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Nike

Winnipeg Beware!

Alot of my friends were telling me to check out this store called [B]Where It's at Clothing [/B] Well, Winnipeg now has it's very own "hood shop" with the fake bape, GGG, and Kidrobot, Can you believe it? The majorty of the store is Kidrobot and Gino Green Global! Why even make fakes of those?! The guy is trying to get 150 Per hoodie for his Crap Bape camo color ways, He has bape camo is 4 shades of blue, plus brown and yellow camo, I was like Wtf when i saw it. He has these fake bape camo stadium jackets, and they seemed like they were ready to fall apart... Anyways when I called this guy out and said everything in this store is fake, He claims he has accounts set up with Bape and Gino green global, And he seems to think that Kidrobot is but a chain of bape like Billionaire boys club, so he gets BBC and kidrobot hoodies when he get bape hoodies, I said thats a crock of shit, and he can go to jail for selling these things, He THEN! made an advancement to the door, just behind me, where he stood there trying to tell me he'll give me a pair of fake evisus half off of 160 dollars, which werent even my size, I said no, but he still stood in the door, My original plan was to meet my friends Mark and Terry there, and I saw them coming in at the door, so I waited for them to walk past the front door and tryed to walk past the shop owner who didnt really seem to happy, As i walked to the door he kept his place, thats when my friends came inside, We all greeted eachother and the dude backed off, But anyone in Winnipeg, Dont go to this place if your going to call this guy out! I swear if i didnt have friends coming, I don't know how this situation would have ended, But either way Stay clear of this fake shop!

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Kidrobot X Tilt X JB Classics, + Crewneck Sweater

I know the Nerds Rock Kidrobot, but this shit... this shit it hot, the shoes and the sweater, expensive, but fuckin worth it. the hype on this sweater was mad, and the shoes top it, 165 for the sweater, 200 for the shoes, 40 for shipping, = worth it. [Image]

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Fitting on Dior Homme Denim?

Just got my dior denim, anyone else notice regular sizing fits a bit long? the waist and everything is fine but they seem pretty long, and ill hafta get em hemmed, anywho... just a question to other people who've baught dior homme denim

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Adidas 35th anniversary X Neighbourhood

How rare are they and how much?

2 Weeks ago in Adidas

Winnipeg Shoppers!

Aye people, Winnipeg is pretty weak for anything fashion... but we got a couple of good places Urban Bakery, of course leads urban wear in winnipeg Harry Rosen, if your looking for Lacoste, Burberry, Armani Kingz, if your looking for stussy or anything like that Levis Store, Best denim of course And I really do not tend to shop anywhere else in Winnipeg, because everything else is pure crap like ecko, dickies, PNB and pure shit wear. So i just order off the net,

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