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Starting a New Line/Brand Feedback Thread

Phreshlife is a little more then just a new clothing line...[Embed content] It is a way of life, a new beginning for everyone who needs it. Phreshlife is a premier online clothing brand that epitomizes all things phresh.     It’s about giving yourself a phresh start, being different, remaining authentic, and living your best life; a Phreshlife. At Phreshlife, our aim is to provide high quality lifestyle apparel that’s unique, experimental, and phresh.  Our signature line, Sleep Mode, represents our continuous drive to live our dreams and make them reality.   It promotes positivity and success.       Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams and soon you’ll discover that you’re no longer dreaming, but making it a reality! What makes us different is that we are able to exhibit the meaning of Phreshlife using live music entertainment and visual art; led by a phenomenal artist named Dezzy Yates aka the Phreshbot. (his dance video is above)   Our aim is to continue traveling globally to universities and entertainment events and continue to further spread the ideology of Phreshlife, the Best Life! Our Online Apparel Store is located here: [URL]  We know hypebeast is a great platform for indie clothing lines and couldn't wait to log on and share Phreshlife with you all blushing   Thanks and feel free to write us with any questions, comments or feedback.  CEO of Phreshlife, LLC Curtis 'Spita' Alexander www.phreshlife.com

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