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[FS] S/S 2013 Taped Seam Fishtail Size M BLACK

[URL] Sup Fam, I got a Taped Seam Fishtail size Medium in Black that's too big for my taste. I'm selling for 600 + 4% paypal fees. The username in the pic is from my Reddit account. I also have an ebay account under Phoisgewd if y'all want to see my feedback. Not looking for trades or counteroffers. Thanks.

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Hoodie Allen

[URL] Anyone listen to this guy? His newest mixtape just came out yesterday, and is up for download at hoodieallen.com. Thoughts?

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Is anyone else on this shit? I just downloaded it today; It might just replace my iTunes smokeyface.

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New Blu and Exile

"Seasons" [URL] New music coming soon? 2011 is shaping up to be another monster year for music smokeyface.

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Best Album Intro's

What do you guys think are the greatest intro's to start off an album? Just naming a few to start off: [URL]

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T.I Songs

Does anyone know any T.I songs that're kinda like Goodlife. [URL] I'm not into the whole gangsta/thug/go hard music that he makes, but every now and then there's a song with a nice piano beat or something (Presumably made by the Neptunes..) Haha Idk. Any songs I should check out?

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Should I cop?

[Image] Northface Hot Shot SE in a denim blue colorway with green stitching? I think the outside looks great, but the inside is giving me second thoughts tongueface Thoughts?

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What to wear with brown boat shoes?

I don't know why, but I have a hard time making fits with brown shoes..any suggestions?

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Peg pants

What exactly are they? I saw these and was wondering what the difference is? They look like a regular pair of skinny khakis to me [URL]

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Worst Rap Lyrics Ever.

[URL] Goes to show how bright Rappers are sometimes...

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