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[L-R-G] - 2009 Discussion Thread

I have been wearing L-R-G since 03 and I stopped wearing them from about 05 to 08 since all the stuff they put out was wack to me and I thought they fell off. But recently I have been purchasing alot of their new stuff since it is all looking simple and clean like they used to do it in the early years.

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Stussy Deluxe Collection

Will stussy LA be having a 30% off sale too?

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[Supreme 2008] - Discussion Thread

^ I believe supreme is closed right now so I doubt the campers will be told to leave.

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Official Streetwear Ebay Steals

[Quote] An authentic of that Stussy Rogue Status did release. But i'm sure that one modernART posted is a fake since most Hong Kong sellers on ebay sell fakes.

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[Undefeated] - 2007 Discussion Thread

A preview of 08. Some sample UNDFTD stuff I got my hands on. Not sure if all of this will actually release. [Image]

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The Day LRG Died.

WTF? ?) Macy's has been selling LRG for a few years now. Hell I have even seen LRG at Marshall's since about 2003.

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New to the Denim Game (Evisu)

Evisu tongueface Check out cultizm.com and get som Levis vintage smokeyface

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[Crooks & Castles] - 2007 Discussion Thread

It looks like they are being mass produced. I guess you'll start seeing these tees in stores soon.

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Buddhapparel Optimus Transformer Tees

Those tees suck!!!!

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The only place I know of for UNDFTD online is ebay. [Quote] stussydirect.com, eastbay.com also sell stussy, and I have seen a few online skateshops that also sell stussy online.

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The Hundreds are At It Again...

Nice, I like the red one. How early were people lining up for the black "side adam bomb" at the hundreds?

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schmack is the southpole of streetwear.

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Streetwear sightings at the mall...

[Quote] 100% agree, or they wont buy those brands until they see lil wayne wearing them.

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Caliroots pricing?

Yeah shipping is expensive. I wanted to order a tee from them that I couldnt find anywhere else. The tee was about $60. When I checked out the total with shipping was almost $100 so I passed.

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Terrible service from NoTone.

Did you pay with paypal? If you did just open a dispute with paypal that you never received anything and you should get your money back. Or just call up your credit card company and explain to them what happened and they could also get your money back..

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