how do i download more ram?

my computer is slowing down a bit so i think i need more ram.  i checked on torrent sites but couldn't find anything, or at least i don't think it's on there.  does anyone have a source where i can download more ram for my computer to speed it up a bit?

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miguel straight kick to the face

deserves a thread [Image]

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[FS] Nudie Deep indigo Hank Rays 32x34

Hank Ray cut, IMO probably their best cut. For those that are unaware here is a copy/paste of the fit description from Nudies website; The straight and regular Hank Rey has a normal rise and a low back yoke. It's straight from the hip down to the knee where it tapers down slightly at the leg opening. The jeans themselves are in excellent condition, there is no notable fading minus the opening cuffs where it dragged when I would walk around the house, can be seen in the pictures. No wear/rips/weak spots at all I'm a non-smoker, and surrounded by non-smokers as well. Jeans have absolutely NO odor, were taken great care of. Never soaked At that point were they are very comfortable and should start seeing more notable fades anyday 32x34 Worn for ~25days [Image] $60 plus shipping.

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[FS] Like new Naked&Famous Slim Guys sz.32

Deep indigo tweed Size 32. As shown in the pics they look brand new, could probably attempt to return to a store and get away with it. Worn for 1 day, ~8 hours [Image] 100obo$

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iphone lockscreens/themes

smokeyface where they at? i hate having to go through cydia one at a time and looking at the preview. there was a dope one posted on here that was a black/white matrix type thing with numbers n shit. then i just dl'd it and ssh'd it in.

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FS: MOMOTARO x Naked and Famous collabs, Unbrandeds. CHEAP

Unbrandeds worn for ~4months, size 34x32, straight fit Momos worn for ~3weeks, no fading, still a blank canvas, size 33x33 [Image] momos-120$ plus shipping unbrandeds-20$ plus shipping both for 130$ plus shipping

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hockey over everything

happened last night [Embed content]

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what the fuck are these timbs called?

[Image] EH??

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FS: BJ x Naked & Famous collab / W:33 L:35 $100 want sold now

Worn for 3 weeks, no fading. Still a blank canvas. I need money and just want them gone, pretty simple. Sold for 275 new. 100+shipping obo (I am in Canada) [Image]

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Drake crushed at weezy kissing nicki minaj


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my roommates new song-thoughts?

so my roommate came out with some new music and i'm just trying to help him get some views and some feedback. he's in university and he records this all in his room on his free time. give it a listen and lemme know what you think, he's 21. he did it all- from scratch-beat,lyrics,rapped on it [URL] youtube killed the quality...meh

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looking for boots/chukkas like

[Image] i can't find the colour combo/size in [I]those [/I]that i want, so what other options do i have? any help is appreciated. sperry chukka boot same deal, can't find colour/size i want. tongueface

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pro hockey players are the toughest athletes

real talk, there are no contenders. football and basketball players be crying like little gurls if any of this shit happened to them. [URL] hits are bigger too. and on a solid ice surface, basically concrete [Image]

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making beats?

i wanna start making beats, preferably trancey and hiphop stuff. where should i start? what programs? do i need sound packs? any help on where to start is appreciated

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Eat da poo poo


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