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DOTA 2 Official Discussion Thread

i change keys with ppl for money or otherstuff

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free or decent MMORPGS?

Nexon has the best free MMORPGs, i have been playing Maplestory for like 5 years now and its great. i love the duration of the patches and the game is so nice to look at everything makes u kinda happy.

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so fellas, how many years have u been gaming? I can say that i have been gaming for like 7 years now and i have been playing all kinds of games. I often play FPS, and MMORPG because i think thats the maine selection these days.

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League of Legends Official Discussion Thread

[Quote] agree on that, to booring in the end.

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Diablo 3 Official Discussion Thread

Female DW because of the procs, or a monk.

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Favorite RPG Series

Dungeons and dragons Noir Oblivion

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