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What is this VS model's name????

I like her hair... but i want more pictures of it... plus she gorgeous (all homo) anyway i know you little horn muffins will know the answe most likely [Image]

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You dirty Boy its not how it looks!!

Post pictures odd pictures? is that what you call it?.. you know.. like this [Image] (figured you horny studs would enjoy ??)

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Barnes and Noble is FRONTIN!!!!

.... their display that is.... This Window front was in a Barnes & Noble in a Florida Mall. Mistake? I dont really think so.... So what do you think? Have we really progressed racially... ([SIZE="1"]figures pep would make a thread like this huh[/SIZE]) [Image]

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warning Graphic: so... is this real?????

[B]VIDEO MAY BE CONCIDERED GRAPHIC[/B] you've been warned... (heyyyyy there mods >.> ) I dont know.. is it real... if so they have the dumbest dudes ever... if not OSCAR! [Image]

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He Did WHAT? on the pavement??!!

Ok So i dont know if any of you have heard of Julian Beevers. But he is an artist who draws 3d illusions on sidewalks... and laughs as people try to avoid things like drawin pot holes.. or water... ANYTHING.. its amazing . well anyway heres a few pictures.. google him for more or click the link. There water hose AND the water are drawing. The guy is just pretending to hold it [Image] anyway.. i could post these all days.. add somemore nice drawings you might know of.. ... heres the link [URL]

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What?! Jesse Jackson SNACHED UP Obama!! O.H.N.

[Image] ........At least that what i thought when i first saw this picture.... I have an artistic eye what can i say.. ^_^

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Official Lets list the GOOD qualities about black woman thread

well... gets to listing... I can predict the first five post: 1) that ass! 2) that ass! 3) those lips! 4) that ass! 5) this thread is a fail ASIAN BITCHES FTW!!!

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Short or Long?

So me and a friend have had an ongoing debate about if short hair or long hair is preferred more on woman. As most of you know I just cut my hair so you know my answer... just wanted your opinon ... plus im bored.. plus i might be able to prove that im right.. anyway Heres a few picture to start the imagination.... LONG [Image]

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wtf cops get away w/ it but i cant...

Helgen puts me in the mood &) w/ his crazy micro videos... title states it all... stupid bitch.. ... go head and watch it a few times then you'll see it... (dont expect this to lst long... ah well....) [Image]

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Offical 7 word HB storytelling

Really simple folks... basically this is a big ass story. only your post can not exceed more then 7 words at a time. And no double posting to complete your though. outlandish is the idea i guess... so I'll start Oh and if someone post at the same time... just go with the one that was first.... There once was a girl named Sam

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New Kidrobot store in CHI look HORRIBLE

So i'm walking down the street, window shopping of course cause its the first of the month (i got bills and rent to pay) and what do i stumble upon.... A [B][U]KIDROBOT[/U][/B] STORE... HERE!!! IN FRONT OF ME!!! [B]NO WAYYYYYYY[/B] so i walk in I'm immediatly filled with happiness and disappointment. It looked like... a warehouse turned sexchamber changed at the last minute into a photostudio which doubled as the new kidrobot store. I tried to ignore the foil hang from EVERY wall making it appear that i was in a space ship...toliet. I even ignored the ply wood that peeked behind the posters stratigically hung to hide the cracks in the walls. I EVEN EMBRACED THE SMELL OF HOME BAKED GINGERBREAD COOKIES THEY DRINCHED THE PLACE IN TO COVER UP THAT -NEW PAINT OLD WOOD- SMELL! i hummed my around the whole...walk in closet size store. Picked up my favorite munny(plain) dunny(touma), aw'ed and groped the overgrown blue labbit that was guarding the entrance (or warning people NOT to come in) and... skimmed through the books but i had to leave... i couldnt stand it... it made me not want to buy nothing. And even though the lady was telling me that this was like "test week" to see if they were gonna keep the store there or not... DONT HALF ASS A TEST YOU WONT GET THE RIGHT RESULTS! people with diseases dont half ass the test to see how to be cured cops DEF dont half ass DUI test ( well ....actually they do... call it meeting quotas but ANYWAY) teachers dont half ass test to students cause half us mo-fos failed SOMETHING in out school time [SIZE="5"] [B]THEy DONT HALF ASS THE TEST ON ANIMALS FOR MAKE-UP AND TIHS... THAT MONKEY DIDNT HALF ASS DIE TO LET THE SCIENTIST KNOW THAT THERE TOO MUCH BLEACH IN YA LIP PLUMPER!!![/B][/SIZE] > >> >>> >>>> >>>>> >>>>>> >>>>> >>>> >>> >> > so... dont half ass a kidrobot shop especially if it new BUT... i will be back tommorow!!!!!!! yay!! kidrobot FTW!! -END-

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