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Dumb tricks...

Anybody ever fuck a bitch at a party, then next day bitch thinks you like her. I boned this girl, I was drunk, she was drunk. Now shes going around tellin people I like her, I just used her for steady pumpin. Shes not even the type Id wanna wife anyways. Anybody have similar problems? FYI, Im not asking for help, just chattin with you cats.

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How much...

would you be willing to pay for a t-shirt? Lets say its one you wanted to buy for quite sometime, and this is the only one you could find in your size. $30 through $150

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Supreeme Question...

So I have that Supremacy album, but there is another song called Trouble on Youtube that I like, does anyone know if there is another album they have, that that might be on? Tryna hook it up? lol...

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Registration Problem

My friend cant register, every name he uses it wont let him. Help please?

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Best places in the forementioned name, or Minnesota in general I guess, I know of Status and Cal Surf, but is that it?

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