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OFFICIAL: R.I.P - The Marketplace Thread

hey, who misses the marketplace ?? [SIZE="7"]HB Marketplace aka "HB-BST" R.I.P 12/29/06[/SIZE] "you will forever be missed & never be forgotten" ... and we demise all (the thousands) that have left HB for ISS b/c of this tongueface lol.. smokeyface

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Marketplace on HB ??

I have'nt been here on HB for a couple months now.. & I re-call me buying stuff from a couple people on here.. Did there either used to be a marketplace, where we can buy & sell ?? Or is this just a figment of my imagination ?? ?) And if there used to be, and not any more... Can someone acknowledge me.. and tell me about this current alteration to HB.. thanks much, PaperSteadyGro --e.g, [URL]

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??? - What nationality has the most "SneakerHead's"

What good HYPE.. im curious to see some opinions to this question. What nationality has the most "SneakerHead's" ??? For Reference : Im Phillipine/Dominican

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?? Car Insurance Question ?? For 17 Year Old ..

hey whats up HYPE .. i am 17 and past my driving test just last week .. In NY u have to be 18 to get a license .. i took a drivers ed course so i was able to get it at 17 .. I am going to get my own car this summer and be added to my mothers insurance .. Does any1 have a ballpark on how much my insurance would be ?? ...... and even if i dont add to my mother insurance and went under my own name .. how much would that be ?? thanks a lot for any1 who can help me out here

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mods ples delete

mods ples delete

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All "SneakerHead" Forum Sites .. that u know

Hey, Ima start a thread of all per say "SneakerHead" Forum sites.. I'll start off with the obvious' then finish off with all the sites i know by now. HypeBeast.com NikeTalk.com InStyleShoes.com SuperFuture.com Kick-Fiend.com FemalSneakerFiend.com

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NY area : NY Jets Predictions for 06 Season..

New York Jets For 06... No More Mawae.. Coach left... What yall think 9-8 if they lucky.. and im a Jets fan

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