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the fuck happened to style

Feeling like fashion has become a huge mishmash of all types of styles mixed and matched however u want. There's no identity to it anymore, streetwear ain't even real no more. smh

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If you like Arrow and Flash etc. peep this show, they go crazy with the fight scenes [Image] infact it shat on all the other shows, i couldn't get into any of them, too corny, but this show is NICE

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Fresh off the Boat thread

How is 90% of this forum asian and im the first to make a thread about this(u gonna take away my artistic freedom in the actual post too Drew[Image] I'm liking the show tbh, kim jong is killin it smokeyface

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The Strain

Anyone peeped the first episode of this show? Was pretty dope to me, and looks like it's gonna pick up fast.

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Our wdywt is inferior vol. fedoralounge

Check out this waywt and possible other parts of the forum, haven't been that far yet tho but it's obvious these dudes are so far up the food chain we haven't even heard of them, HB is mere peasantry compared to these social winners [URL] Here's a sample from a superior fashion gawd [Image]

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What boots yall wearing this year?

I need some boots for the winter but really can't find a nice pair, im too broke for visvims and viberg etc. - and the regular ass boots like red wing iron rangers and wolverine 1000 miles are boring to me. But what are you all wearing?

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Pantic self ether

fuck yourself supervillainz

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Moving far away, new life chapter

Anyone here wanna share your experiences with moving far away from your hometown and everyone you know? I just got an apartment 800 miles from my current town, where im gonna finish the last 3 years of university, and it scares the shit out of me. Im eventually gonna lose all my friends, all the girls that i keep around and just all the memories and shit from the last 21 years. I know i will meet new people, and i've moved before but god damn im all melodramatic over this right now, someone tell me it's gonna be cool as fuck

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Darksiders 2

Couldn't find a thread about this game, so hope it's not around already. Just copped this game yesterday and it's way more boss than the first one, i can only recommend copping it if you like god of war like games and murdering demons and angels with scythes smokeyface [Embed content]

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Year of the trolls.

Fuck this shit, hypebeast has been on the downfall for a long time but shit is worse than ever. Over half the threads made in OT is some dumb faggot troll who even fails to deliver in that aspect. It's gone too far, second guessing every damn user and having to wonder if he is actually a serious retard or just a troll gets lame and im done bothering. I know nobody gives a fuck but just a final rant on these gay ass "trolls" [Image]

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[Image] Anybody watch this? I just caught up to the series and it's a great show.

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The death of facebook vol. Timeline

So now that they are gonna force all of us to change to the timeline bullshit im gonna need a new social network to pick up hoes, what's going on with new sites except for google fiasco?

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So i can't be the only one who absolutely love the old predator movies. Was pretty excited to see a new one is coming out this summer, wanted this series to reboot for a long time. It's already rumoured to be crap from like the 5 set pictures that was released, but i bet its just because people are afraid to anticipate it. Set pictures and plot is all over the internet, unfortunately i can't link it yet

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