OFFICIAL Vancouver Shopping Guide

does anyone know where i can find a marc by marc jacobs pebble leather elastic billfold wallet in vancouver? it's a black leather wallet with a coloured elastic strapped around it. it also comes in coloured leather with a black elastic strapped around it. i'd be interested in picking up either style. thanks in advance

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If you go to a top 100 university you must post in this thread.

woot! smokeyface

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What is your ringtone?

Cary Brothers - Blue Eyes SMS tone: MSN msg received sound

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Post your fits wearing Authentics/Eras.

Hey guys, which stores carry a good selection of Authentics in Vancouver? I've only been able to find a few styles at Gravity Pope and Livestock..

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Zara Denim?

I picked up a pair when I was in Barcelona this summer. I had already thought that Zara was pretty economical in Vancouver, but it was ridiculously cheap in Spain. I think i picked mine up for 25 Euros too. Anyway, the quality is decent. The ones i have are made with a thinner kind of material, but colours and cuts are really nice.

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green tinted jeans?

I have a pair of Puma x Evisu jeans that have a greencast on them, but i'm not sure if they still make them; i got them a year and a half ago.

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Official Jazz Discussion Thread.

My all time favourite Dave Brubeck song would be Travellin' Blues. A long intro, but once it builds up, it's so amazing.

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What are you listening to?

This week, I've been listening to these albums on shuffle: Oasis - Dig Out your Soul, Jack's Mannequin - The Glass Passenger, and Frou Frou - Details. The last one's a bit old, but definitely a classic.

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