The Death of Game Consoles.

Streaming games...sounds pretty good, no more shelling out a few hundred for the newest console and having to upgrade every few years. Dunno if this specific project will be the start of a revolution but consoles are defiantly going to die some day. Soon enough everything from video games to entire DVD libraries are gonna be streaming. [URL]

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs- It's Blitz= Leaked

New Yeah Yeah Yeah's album It's Blitz just leaked, just starting to give it a first listen and it's sounding a lot better than "Zero", the first single, would have you believe. Definitely a more synthy, electronic sound but I think Karen O's sounding great and they're adapting the whole indie sound to electronic music in a much better way than some of their contemporaries, i.e. Bloc Party. -if you need the link, PM me [Image]

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Vinyl Crazy

Just thought this was kinda ill [URL]

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Brass Eye (british comedy a la Ali-G)

Anyone here a fan of Brass Eye. It's like a fake news/investigative report satire, like Ali-G/Daily Show meets 60 minutes. It's really funny as shit and Chris Morris' deadpan is just as on point as Sacha Baron Cohen's [URL]

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World's Greatest Record Collection

Just saw this on pitchfork. This guy is selling his collection of 3 million records. Damn I'd love to meet that dude, light a spliff, and get em to put on his best, most obscure records. [URL]

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First DSLR: Canon Rebel XTi vs Nikon D40

Hey, I'm considering purchasing an entry-level DSLR camera and have read up a bit and narrowed it down to the Canon Rebel xti (400d) and the Nikon D40 as both are within my price range. Both are quite a bit of money for a college student like myself so if anyone can offer any advice or opinions I'd greatly appreciate it. Thx. (Mod: if this is too specific a question please merge with the Q&A thread, sorry just noticed that thread)

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Chris Rock's Top 25 Hip-Hop Albums

Just stumbled upon this (it's from Rolling Stone apparently). Pretty interesting, dude has real good taste. He's got everyone from Dizzee Rascal to GZA to DJ Quik. [URL]

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Most Important Drum Loop Ever

Just found this mini-documentary on the "Amen Break" which is random drum beat from a 60s funk band that has become a key drum loop used in everything from hip-hop to drum n bass to techno. Real interesting and crazy how a 6-second drum fill has become one of the most important samples in music history. Also kind of crazy that the drummer (and the band as a whole) has never received a cent from all the sampling.

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AZ Cormega- No Holding Back

AZ Cormega- No Holding Back Just heard this on , nice track. AZ n Cormega both give nice verses, good combo, just needs some nas. Az always up on those soul samples . Anyone have a link for download?

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Influential Photos

Just found this. It's just a slide show of influential photographs. Some real cool stuff. Edit: forgot to add the url... [URL] [Image]

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Puma Slipstreams

Anyone know where to get puma slipstreams. Not necessarily these colorways either [Image]

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Random london question

hey, does anyone know what shops in london would sell spare shoe laces in different colors. I know this is kinda random. Should i check out stores round camden town or would somewhere like marks n spencer or some other regular type store sell em? thx!

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ID these 95s

Anyone know the name of these AM 95s, thx! [Image]

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Jay-z Sells Rocawear

Can't say I'm too surprised, I guess the shit's on the way out so he might as well make a few more bucks off it's decline. although he'll still have some managerial status apparently [URL]

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Niketown London

Has any1 been to niketown in London recently. Have they had any good Court Forces or dunks? Thx, thinkin bout checkin it out but my schedules been full lately n i don't wanna go out of my way if there's not 2 much there. thx, any help is greatly appreciated.

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