Your favorite white tees?

Jockey's for me. Hanes are ok too. Kirkland's are too tight in the chest/neck for me and I'm no bodybuilder.

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I like the Jockey V Necks, but the classics only come in white. I'm looking for a v neck in different colours now.

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Nice pair of Khaki's?

I like these by Tommy, it's a lil' more expensive though. Academy Chino Pants [URL]

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The Official Drake Appreciation Thread

Drake/B.o.B./Cudi are all killing it right now IMO. Should be a Good Mixtape

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K...What's Up With Joaquin Phoenix?

That Phoneix vs. Letterman interview is hilarious. Letterman is the master of quick comebacks.

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Vans or Converse for casual shoe?

Vans, All Day

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In 10 years will you still be collecting?

I already find myself changing a bit. Now I'm still collecting shelltoes, but now in more subtle colours. I already switched my fit from baggy, too more fitted. Now I'm getting into vintage watches. 10 Years? I see myself getting into cuff links and tie bars, we'll see. I'm 23 years old.

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Official NBA Discusion Thread

Lakers will win 70+ games and lose to SA Spurs in the Conference Finals. I think either Kobe or Bynum will be injured/hurting bad come playoff time. Bosh For MVP hopefully My RAPS can win 50 games. I think Spurs will take it this year (I dont care what they do in the regular seasn, as long as Manu/Timmy/Mr. Longoria are all healthy come playoff team) Spurs vs. Celtics Finals

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Whos a Stoner?

I am, but recently my boy gotta full time job and is retired. I'm tryin to get a hold of him since I think he could hook me up with somebody else....but no luck so far. Anybody know somebody in the 416??????????????????????????????????????? Lemme know!

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Best producer??

Toomp I've liked over the past few years. But that boy jonson (lollipop/whatever you like) is running ish right now.

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[G.T.A]Fake I.D

yeah the best fake id is a guy that looks like you. Anything with an odd address is bait. Or find a bar that doesn't id! that's what i did when i was 16.

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Canadian University/College Students

[Quote] Rye High All Day! lol Last year Bus. Mgt Student

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New pics From Dragon Ball Trailer & new Poster

I was really excited about this movie too. Until I saw Goku, but at least it'll be a good laugh.

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VIDEO: Young Chris - Never Die

Maybach Music - Same Beat

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Recommendations for sunglasses?

I'm interested in any recommendations also. I'm not feelin' any aviator type glases (my head is too small).

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