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The "What would you do if one day.." thread

Had a discussion with my friends over some "what if" scenarios so figured I might share some of them 1) What would you do if you were married to a girl and had 3 kids, a perfectly normal and peaceful household. And then one day your ex girlfriend comes over to your place with a kid (which is yours) of 5-6 years old and told you it was your kid? She just drops off the kid at your place and tells you she wants nothing to do with you nor this kind anymore Conditions - Your wife totally objects to the idea of you bringing this kid into the household What would you do?

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White on white shoes

Anyone has any recommendation?  Ya boy here still a student so nothing too expensive please... Been looking at the Vans Chukka Low but hoping y'all could give me other suggestions!!

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Nike Flyknit Chukka "Midnight Fog/ Total Orange"

Are these released yet or what? I'm reading from soures all around and each one is telling me a different thing Any online retailers where i can cop them? Thanks alot guys, it might be a stupid question but yeah... sorry lol

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[WTB] 40 Oz NYC Givenchy Stars Cap

Looking for black or navy I live in singapore though

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Best brands for washed denim jeans?

Hey all which models of washed denim jeans would you guys recommend?

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Best site to get denim jeans?

Can anyone list me some sites which are the best if you want to get denim jeans? I only know of blueowl and tateandyoko. Are there any better sites in terms of pricing and overseas shipping? (I live in Singapore) Thanks in advance!

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Anybody own both Timberland and Clarks?

Hi guys need some help here, Anybody here that owns Clarks Originals DBs and Timberland boat shoes? Could you tell me your sizes? Im looking to purchase a pair of Timberland boat shoes but I don't have the time to try out the size I'm wearing a 8.5 UK for Clarks Originals DBs, would anybody here know what my Timberland size would be?  Much appreciated.

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