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Quilted Jackets

I recently lost my [URL]. If you guys could recommend any others I should look into, I would appreciate it.

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Restoring Old Photos

Anyone really good at this have any tips?

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Sent 130 bucks for 003 w)taps a month ago. Got the run around on shipping etc, now can't get in contact with him. It was my mistake for sending as gift but thought I should make it public for future potential buyers. Link to original thread: http://hypebeast.com/forums/sneakers/forum/topic/168451/ BUYER BEWARE.

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[WTB] VANS x WTAPS, New Balance 1300

Sk8 - Hi sz 10. [Image] get at me.

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The 3rd Annual 10 Softest Niggas In The Game

http://bigghostnahmean.blogspot.com/2011/07/3rd-annual-softest-niggas-in-game.html Bow Wow's picture.

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Nike Sky Force 88 Vintage

Anyone know when/where these are finally releasing? [URL] [Image]

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Is there no thread for this? New season this month.

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I got some beats as a gift but they broke. What are some good ones for around 50 bucks?

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Credit Cards

I've never had one before but I just got a career starting job and it's going to be necessary to start building up my credit. What cards does HB recommend?

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Verbal Phantom

A friend of mine is finally starting to get some positive feedback for his song "15 Mics" and some people are trying to shut him down. We just finished a video for him at the beginning of the month. Check it out on vimeo: [URL] I would appreciate it and I know he will too.

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Hypetrak is back?

So I noticed under the Kanye video post that the source was Hypetrak. and [URL] is definitely a fully functional blog. So is it being run by the same people as HB/before or is it under new management?

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Can Anyone Identify this Brand?

It's a concert hoody that is incredibly comfortable but I'm sick of the logo. I wanted to find out so I can order blanks. Thanks. [Image]

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Hooded henleys/Cardigans?

who makes the best ones? Where can i get them? etc etc etc.

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Chester French - Jacques Jams Vol. 1

ENDURANCE! but seriously, I'm really feeling the music and the interludes are pretty funny. discuss

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Internet Audio Libraries?

I'm looking for a track used in a trailer for work. Unfortunately, I only have a track name. Is there a place on the internet that is like a database of generic instrumental music? thanks regardless.

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