Coachella Tickets

If anyone is still looking for tickets to coachella. Contact me, I have several available for reasonable prices.

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Aye y'all what they do? Y'all coolin'? I know I am. So I come before you soliciting a few moments of your valuable time. I know how selfish of me to ask, but bare with me it's all for the greater good. So you're probably wondering what I need and why, we'll get right to that. I've been working with community based organizations, non-profits, and social service programs since I was 19(I'm 23 now). I have also been a part of some of these programs. While there are many out there that are good at what they do, we can all agree that there is room for improvement. Part of the problems is these programs are not attractive to their clientele. They figure since we're trying to do good, people should just come be a part of what we're doing. Many are well versed in the drop out rates, incarceration rates, and other typical negative statistics regarding their clientele. They then try to use this information to compete with Nike, McDonald's, FaceBook, and other corporations and outlets that already have the attention of their clients. You can imagine this doesn't work well. So I am compiling a report about consumer behavior and trends among black males ages 13-35 so we can start competing on even ground and base these programs and their marketing around what black males 13-35 actually care about. Believe it or not there is is very little data out there on this, so I'm conducting my own field research. This survey is a part of that research, so if you fall in that category or know anyone that does please fill out this survey, or share it with them so that they can fill it out. The survey is 10 questions and doesn't take long to complete (less time than it took you to read this). If you have any questions about this report, the survey, or their purposes feel free to ask me. All of the help is greatly appreciated, thank you. [URL]

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I got a league with a couple spots open if anyone is interested, give me your email and I'll send an invite.

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It’s Magic’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest to ever play the game. [Image]

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Styrofoam (double cup)

Is there a purple stuff appreciation thread? You know dirty sprite? Easter Pink? Lean? Syrup? Sizzurp? etc. If not this should be it

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What Did You Do Today?

Well get to talkin I know somebody had an amazing day, and don't be stingy with the details...ok well I go first. This morning I went to work and left early to go to the dentist. Then I taught a class on anti-violence to some youth from my church. During my class I got a text from my friend saying that he had been jumped by 10 guys and that his girlfriend had been jumped by 5 girls. After, I came home and shared a spliff with my nieghbor's wife. Then I came to enjoy sometime online with this intriguing network of people. (not sure if there was a topic like this already I searched...well kinda searched and aint see one but if there is, mods feel free to delete this thread)

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Hard time

Anybody else got people doing a bid? My uncle is in the halfway houses, one of my homeboys is gone til 2010, and my little cousin just got out of juve last month.

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All Day I Dream About Sex. I just can't stop thinking about in. I'll be in class, conditioning for track, sleeping, just can't get it off my mind. Thinking about the best times I've had, the worst times, times I would like to have etc. I even started layin the pipe on chicks that aren't the best looking. I think I'm might have a problem or maybe not.

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Deystroyer Dunks


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Undefeated '72 Dolphins Tee

If you're from Miami, you'll understand why it's a must cop. [Image] Anyone know any online retailers that'll get it?

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It's About To Get Seroius...

Yo, so I'm at my homeboy's house and we have 8 girls come over. At first it was supposed to be six guys including us, but now it's only three. So, does anyone have an idea about what to do with the extras. Cause I mean I could "entertain" two of them, but I don't think anyone else here could do the same.

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Canvas AF1's

[Image] I kinda like the red and blue ones.

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Where you always down?

This kinda just popped in my head, because I was thinking about how popular sb's are now. Did you always like nike sb's? I know at first when I heard nike was going to start the whole sb campaign I was very skeptical and I didn't really warm up until like a year after they released the first set of sb dunks.

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50-50 x Vans

More half cabs [Image]

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Fragment P-rod II

[Image] Anyone got any info on these?

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