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Camera Strap Project - Need your help

I want to ask a questions for the cameras you have. I own a canon rebel xt, and panasonic lx3 I know that the width of the camera strap and insert. The width of it is .5" or half inch. The width of the camera straps and insert is 1/4 inch or .25". My questions are, what are width of the camera strap and insert for these cameras? Panasonic lx5, GF series and GH series canon g11 or g12 Pentax dslr Olympus epl series and ep series, xz-1 Nikon p7000 My project pretty much consist of making camera straps handmade and selling it. Instead of padding, i will be using genuine leather since they last longer and tend to breathe better for the skin. Just an extra income for my own, and additional item for my own online store. Here is an example. I'm still working on it and see what dividers i will be using. It will be metal, of course unlike the plastic parts that comes with the cameras. [Image] Thank you for your help!

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Thoughts on Big Sean's Finally Famous

I just listen to the album from 1st to the 12th track. He has the hype, the momentum and from the mixtapes and freestyle i've heard, there was no excuse of screwing up in the album. For some reason, i thought the album sucked. This is not a rant, just a thought or opinion, how ever you want to call it. The best and fav track in the album i think is "so much more." I see people hyping big sean but i still see no reason why he's hype up. anybody feel the same way?

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Post your cellphone!!!

I don't know if there is a thread like this in the off topic section but if there is, whatever. Post a picture of your cellphone! Mine is blackberry 8900 curve in white with mickey charm. [Image]

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Your dad's dick gets bitten by a snake...

would you rather have your wife or yourself suck the poison out of his dick? choose one...>smh

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Self Scale: Grand Opening!!!


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Self Scale: Grand Opening (Mods Please delete)

Mods Please delete this thread, i will make a new one.

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UPDATE: (02/27/2011 w/ Pictures) Accesories Plan/e- store

Hello ladies and gentlemen Last time i made a thread about making and selling scarf/scarves out of leftover fabrics hat my company doesn't use anymore and selling them on an online store. Here is the thread [URL] Here is the plan: 1. I am almost done with the online store, no official name yet. 2. They will still be $15 SCARF with free shipping. (Bad thing is that TAX will be charge.) 3. All hypebeast members will get a free cellphone pouch on their first orders. 4. It will not just be scarf but also handkerchiefs, pocket squares, laptop sleeves. cellphone pouches. No pricing on other items as of right now. (Any suggestions?) 5. It should be ready by mid February to beginning of march. 6. Everything will be domestic shipping first until i get a good fix price on international shipping because it seems like international shipping is costing more than the scarf which is a bad deal to you. 7. Finally and most important, all items will be in LIMITED QUANTITY SINCE I AM WORKING WITH LEFTOVER PRODUCTS. SO what it's in the website will be the last and final quantities. There you have it. Stay tuned and will be updating this thread. Any suggestion(s) are welcome. blushing [B][COLOR="Red"]Here are two prototypes. (02/27/2011)[/COLOR][/B] Business card/credit card/money holder. 1st Design [Image] I will post more picture of the products i will be selling. So Stay tuned.

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Discuss: Black Eyed Peas - The Beginning

Heard the whole album 3 times already, any of you has heard the whole album yet? Well to put it simply, too much will i am. Might as well call it will i am ft. black eyed peas. Listening to each track, theres no soul. Everything is all about club tracks. making people dance which nothing wrong but for the most pat it gets tiring. Fergie is only in i think 3 tracks. Apl is like on 2 tracks Taboo,well from what i heard he seems to be missing in action. Production wise,w ell might asl well give the credit to david guetta which every track sounds like he made it but for the most part it's will i am Again, too much will i am to the point where it's not black eyed peas album anymore. It's pissing me. But anyways fuck this album.

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Official Black Friday (& Saturday) Purchases!!!

I didn't see a thread on this other than the PICK UP THREAD. SO what did you buy for black friday and saturday? POST THEM UP!!! Here are mine. LG dvd/cd writer light scribe external (being ship to me rigt now) $40.00 2 Polaroid pogo (one being ship and one bought at the store. $ 20 each so &40 total also bought the pogo papers for $8 for 30 sheets Jaba bluetooth headset $20 canon ef 50mm f1.8. it was regular price h&m button up $20 and wool sock $8 heritable vest jacket with attachable/detachable hoodie centon 2 8gb SD memory card for $20. being ship to me [Image]

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Starting a online scarf shop.

Since i work for a fashion company. We have leftover fabrics that we don't use from poly cotton, knots woven, polyester, nylon acrylic and silk. So here what i am thinking: I am cutting those fabric into scarf and scarves length and also cut them half way to those who don't like their scarf long. Also i'll just stitch the edge so the fabrics won't get lose. [B]So i was thinking $15.00 would be the max price with FREE SHIPPING.[/B] The only rule is no exchange or returns since they will be cheap but i'll make sure to put every info and description to make you every purchase is with confidence. What do you all think?

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Tell us about your job/occupation!!!

I'm a fashion graphic designer for a women's contemporary brand in Downtown Los Angeles. Im also design the juniors graphics for the company.

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