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Official Goodfoot/Nomad/Ransom thread.

[Quote] no one but supreme will get those vans. supreme doesn't sell wholesale so everywhere but supreme are 'poser stores'.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Official HAVEN/havenshop.ca Thread

I don't want to criticize but i have to speak up. I really like the stuff Haven gets and its always good to see Canada getting represented in this growing market/lifestyle. Id order stuff from you guys but your shipping prices are bunk (no offence). 40-45 on a tee is alright but when that turns into 50+ because of shipping its hardly worth it. I don't get how it costs me $5 for Krudmart (in Buffalo)to ship me in Calgary but it costs me $12 from Haven. Im guessing its the severe shittyness of Canada Post but it still blows, especially when most online shops in the states have free domestic shipping... also, shouldn't shipping costs go down the bigger your order is... as in an insentive to buy more rather than a disinsentive? Anyways, like you guys care you're still stacking paper. sorry for the rant.

2 Weeks ago in Canada