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Official Hong Kong Shopping Guide - SEE 1st PAGE!

Damn this list is dope. Whats the recommended time frame to get around to all these places? 1 week?

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The Official Tattoo Thread

Damn this is dope.

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[Comme Des Garçon] - 2010 Discussion Thread

What do you guys think of the CdG x Beatles collab? I personally like the bags but the T-shirts are pretty average.

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Nice Peacoats

I picked up a Burberry Black Label Peacoat in Tokyo, this season - damn its sick.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

What brands are you currently wearing or what does your wardrobe consist of for 2010.

Wearing pajamas at the mo but my 2010 wardrobe has: Comme Des Garcon Shirt CdG Play Nom De Guerre Fred Perry Dior Homme Original Fake Ksubi Undercover Number (N)ine Burberry Black Label Perks & Mini Claude Maus +J Uniqlo Zambesi

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