Video please

well always had a nice video camera and lots of film,now just starting to get into editing,figure ill learn as i go,this one is pretty simple. this is me and my group of buddies,just daily stuff..i put together a little trailer type because we would like to make a longer one,not neccesarily to sale or anything,just to sure this action depicted in this video is not what most of you like to do,and i know there will be some hate,but id like some feedback...thanks guys

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Nike sb online

what are some legit sights...or preferrrably where do you guys like to buy sb online..any help appreciated..thanks

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anyone know where i can order supreme hats online

especially looking if for the purple color way WORLD FAMOUS in 7 1/2..any help,even to find other supreme hats,lemme know thanks

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anyone know where i can find a skull bandana

ya ya,i know everyone is beginning to hate skulls becasue of how common they are becoming with streetwear,but anyways im trying to find a bandana wiht a skull on it,that can be folded in half to fit your face...similiar to this swollen members one,but without their logo on it..thanks [Image]

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where can i find the Crooks and castles THE RULER tee

anyone know where i can find this crooks and castles tee inside the U.S. [URL]

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the fizix in san diego?

just got a temple effective shirt and the lettering has the tissue paper still stuck on it,like gotta peel it off..anyone got the fizix's number or know where at in san diego they located..

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10 deep chain gang hoody..really worth 120 dollars?

ok well first of all i searched and didnt see just a chain gang topic,so sorry if i posted when there is already one,my last week my local shop happened to have a red chain gang when i walked in,the last one left and only one i have ever seen in person...and not to say i dont like the design,its sick..but hate to say it, i think i fell into the hype of the jacket,honestly,i was j/w if anyone else has thought that it is really not a hoody worth 120 dollars.i mean like i said the design is sick and the matching bandana is way dope and mad props to 10 deep for getting hundreds of people including myself so hyped and willing to pay that much,but the material is so thin and the actual chains look like they are heat transfered with part being different color red than the actual jacket,like the inner cirlce of chains is dont hate on me to bad im just giving my opinion wondering if anyone else thinks this

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any1 else not able to view topics on

i was fine viewing topics in the forum,then when i wanted to post a comment, i went ahead and signed up,now whenever i click on a forum,say the buy sell forum on or any other one,i recieve this message everytime- No topics were found. This is either because there are no topics in this forum, or the topics are older than the current age cut-off. and its not that there arent any topics, it shows like 800 posted but i cant see any..any help?

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where can i purchase fucking awesome clothes?

anyone know some good online shops or is there an online store?

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whats exactly is streetwear matching?

to be honest with you,im not really sure why i am even asking this,im sure ill just get alot of hate...o well...whats the whole "style" to street wear,do you only match a little,purposely not match,whats the deal,i just see some people who match everything head tto toe and some dudes wearing neon 80s shoes and dark colored tees? p.s. no i am not asking this so i too can dress and match the way others do, i dress how i want and i just just wondering about that whole style? whats everyones thoughts?

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whats with the price increase on am 90s?

anyone know why the price went up from 90 to 150 like over nigth on the am 90s?i had some previuosly made sitting in my locker for 90 i go back and they are 150?

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new veece clothes?

um whats up with that,im not saying its not sick stuff,i actually own a shirt that has the "adult advertisement" all over front print,but its on hypebeast,idk how much street wear it is b/c i just saw it in my local mall at a total "bro" store.if it goes over well,that stuff will be played out in a few weeks,i mean hey more power to them,i wasjust curious as to what it was doing on HB

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can some1 tell me how to spot fakes?

ok so i know i was looking at getting these tiffanys and 2 people in the legit check told me they were fake..i was j/w how to spot fakes,i mean how do people just look at pics and know,this way i dont have to ask everyone next time,thanks [Image]

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bathing ape g shock

hey anyone know how much the BAPE gshock retails for or what i should be paying for on ebay?also, it doesnt have to be BAPE,but does g shock make just an all white g shock?

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paypal and online ordering question?

ok so im new to the "online bidding game",i order off the net alot,but its just from normal sites and i simply give my credit card directly to them.but now i am starting to get interested on the marketplace section on here and ebay stuff.i was just wondering what exactly pay pal is?to my understanding it is just a secure way or giving your credit card out over the net to someone without a machine,its the same as a store getting there money by running it through a machine,except in this case,the seller collects through pay pal?is this correct,or is there a fee to use pay pal,how do i know that the person wont just collect their money and never send me my product?

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