Official Film Thread

[Quote] Are the beach shots taken in Costa Rica? Seems real familiar.

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Year Book Quote

"coup da cullah oh mayonay"

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Pick Ups: 2012 (Flaming User = 24 Hour Ban)

[Quote] fucking comeup

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The weird side of youtube

[Quote] Just gonna drop knowledge real quick in case you decide to do this. Going to the hidden wiki with Tor isn't dangerous, neither is browsing silk road. But if you start venturing off on random links and stuff, you don't want to be doing it from your own IP. Go to a coffee shop, use linux + trucrypted drive, don't be retarded.

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Los Angeles vs San Diego

LA is great if you got money and connections, but otherwise San Diego. Much more chill atmosphere

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Remember when HB used to look like this?

god damn it I've been here too long

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Official Vice Thread

Watched the Chernobyl hunting one this morning but it was weak. The co-founder with long hair is weird as fuck. In that ladyboy episode he's getting it in with the tranny. Fucked up

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Planetside 2 Official Discussion Thread

[Quote] Good looks man

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i'm addicted to CAMO

[Quote] info please, this is fire EDIT: nvm McNairy F/W 2012 for those wondering

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Hey Hypebeast Look At This New Supreme x Kanye West Collabo Vol. Should I Cop?

ok ur right

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WDYWT: 2011 (Chat Edition)

[Quote] aware

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College Discussion Thread.

Just dropped off my intent to enroll at USF smokeyface Question: I know the [i]final[/i] acceptance is contingent on good academic standing for my final quarter at my old school. I got a D in one class but solid B's in everything else. Am I fucked or will they look past it/offer academic forgiveness? I still have above a 3.0

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Whos a Stoner?

Done with finals, about to take flight smokeyface Hit up the local smokeshop and they say that they're getting launch boxes in on Monday... strongly contemplating copping one.

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Groups in hip hop (MMG/GOOD/YM/OF/ASAP)

A lot of people are mixing up a collective and then a group. GOOD Music, OF, etc are collectives, but Wu Tang is arguably a group (with a few honorary members I guess)

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Only Nigger In This Northface VOL. Snow Bunnies Get U In Trouble

[Quote] cosign I'm tryna snack smokeyface

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