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[Premier Fits] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

just emailed you guys in regards to some special fabrics and if you guys are able to use them in domestic production. let me know as soon as you can! blushing

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Upgrade lens first or body?

agreed, if your camera body is not doing what you think it should do, i think you should consider a flash and a new body. the two lens you have right now are decent lenses and don't deserve too much dis-credit considering your budget isn't amazingly high right now. i personally, have never been a fan of the older Canon Rebel series.

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My brother just bought a CANON EOS Rebel T3i 18-55mm IS II Kit. Is it good?

ive never been a fan of the rebel series UNTIL the T1i+ series came out. the T1i, 2, and 3 are all very very promising entry level DSLRs. and honestly, i think it's a great camera to take on-the-go. personally, i dont feel too comfortable casually strolling around with a camera more expensive then one of these. Not to sound bougie...

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Things I should have for a wedding

[Quote] in regards to using the wireless (presuming you use it with a stand off to the side)... rather than talking to the photographer, you should talk to the couple first since its their wedding. The last thing you need is an annoyed pro photographer who has lighting set up but is being interfered by a bystander. the job of the photographer is to get those memorable shots for the couple since that's what he's being paid to do. if you get in the way of the photographer getting a good shot, the couple will be end up being dissatisfied about the photos of THEIR WEDDING.... other than that, your set up looks pretty normal... not really sure what you need critiques on... camera. handgrip. flash. omni bounce. get a feel of your lens and their capabilities prior to the event so you know when to use what.

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has anyone done this effect before

[Quote] same here. that's a really cool effect though. the way i would approach it is, make a video in HD, select the scene that you want, and separate it into pics. open the pics in lightroom and use the same filter on all the pictures. finally, compile them as a gif. on the other hand, you could probably edit the video in Final Cut and then separate the pics in order to skip using lightroom.

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Why are camera bags so ugly???

also, the grundgier leather ones on the previous pages are a little too hipster for me

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Why are camera bags so ugly???

i've always preferred the hand bags directly from Canon. i think i get that from my dad since hes always shot with genuine Canon products regardless of whether it be a filter, flash, lens, or bag. that in case is kinda dope thoughhh...

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P90X Discussion thread

the idea of watching a video while working out at home does not appeal to me at all (ive tried them). being at the gym/weight room provides a more focused environment for me

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best ab workouts?

if youre skinny, you need to bulk up first to help your body burn calories. you gain the most muscle in your first year of steady muscle bulking. for every pound of muscle you have, you burn an extra 50 calories a day. eat 6 times a day (3 meals 3 snacks). try to space them out so that you dont eat until 3 hours after your meal and 2 hours after your snack. cut out all the white carbs, fatty meats, and fatty foods. i know that's all shit you don't wanna hear, but its definitely the quickest and fastest way to cut fat and keep it off. if you think you're on track, checkout Frankoman's 2 Day Ab Workout at MuscleandStrength[dot]com. BUT don't fool yourself and think that by doing this workout and STILL eating crappy that you'll get anywhere. the first thing to fix is ALWAYS the way you eat.

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The Food Thread vol. 2.0

i highly recommend checking out FoodSpotting. you can find it through google.

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Verizon Wireless Iphone?

[Quote] if you've waited this long for your contract to end, why not just wait a few more months to get the brand new 5? then you wont be stuck with an outdated phone from two years ago. also, if you get a 4 now, the value will depreciate even faster when the 5 comes out

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Printing Hangtags

i would definitely like to see some extra options such as printing on recycled cardboard or including some type of string with it. something to make it more than just a business card with a hole in it. (IMHO)

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Self Scale: Grand Opening!!!

shoulder strap and scarf are legit for sure. keep it up man

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Starting my own line. Any Thoughts? (Pics inside)

I would fix the typography of the phrase on the back of the first shirt

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Tees - Some opinions

i personally like to keep all my hangtags since theyre all so different

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