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Shipping in Toronto.

If I needa ship 2 ram sticks, can I put it in an envelope or do I need to ship it as a parcel?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Uniqlo Jackets

Hey guys, my brother's going to NY this week so I can't really try this down jacket out for myself. [URL] I was wondering if anyone could give me a review on the quality and warmth of the jacket. Would it be suitable for winters in Toronto? Assuming I wear a hoodie/sweater and a long sleeve shirt underneath (and another shirt underneath the long sleeve)

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Semi-Formal Attire?

Yeah so semi-formal at school is coming up and I plan on going. Planned on wearing: -black dress pants -grey vest -white dress shirt underneath the vest -and nike sb made in 81 blazers (yeah yeah I know, but they seem classy enough for a semi-formal...with white laces) the question is, would it look fine to wear the blue dress shirt underneath a black vest? and would it be whack to wear the blazers? oh yeah, grey vest or suspenders? Yes I can dress myself, but just need some opinions for semi

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

In 10 years will you still be collecting?

So after reading the topic about if you will keep doing what you're doing, such as collecting SB's, it got me thinking. Where do you guys see yourself in 10 years? Moving onto a more mature style, or doing what you're doing? To me, I'll probably gain a more mature and clean style.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion