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Lockerz Invite

ok I guess everyone know about lockerz by now........if you need a invite jus pm me your email

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Bahama Breeze......

IM having dinner there soon with some friends...........I never been there so how is the food........and more importantly how are the prices??

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Change my IP address

Can any one tell me how to change my IP Address or is there a program that will do it for me???? I already googled it but my comp is directly connected to the router and I dunno if i have to do it some special way

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Mellow song suggstions

Yea can you guys names some mellow songs along the lines of like Mraz's "IM yours" and Jack Johnsons "BEtter Together" stuff like that........(Im making a Cd)

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Portable Hardrive Suggestions

Can anybody recommend me a portable hardrive between 100-300 gig.........and im not talking about those gigantic one but those ones that you can slip into your pocket

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Car Washing!!

Hey guys looking for cars wash soaps/accessories to wash my new camry(2009) and I want to know what do you guys use to wash and dry your cars and other extra things that you do. I hear meguiars is great but is there a better brand??? keep in mind i want to keep my paint in great condition..

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