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morning routine

this week im home and each time i wake up, the house it empty up until 4:20 or so, wtf does a young doe do when hes alone in the morning. what does everyone else do when they wake up, on break.

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activate braces vol. what to eat now?

braces on and teeth hurt, suggest me some food i can easily pick up or order that does not hurt when you chew please, whats good to eatttt?

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proper actions

i was behind a car waiting to make a turn out my neighborhood onto the main street when the lady suddenly reverses and backs in to me, i look at the front bumper for a second and see no damage and let her go since she seems sorry and had a beat up car, but after i get off school, i take a closer look and my plate has a few dents and dings... what should i do? right now I'm actually thinking of finding that car since its in my neighborhood and ask them to replace my plate or give me cash to do so myself and if they fail to comply, i will report it to police.

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The Kite Runner book

I am going to start The Kite Runner today and was wondering two things.. 1. If someone can summarize it up perfectly (I know it is hard work, but its much appreciated) 2. Fill me in on major details or important key informations that they remember from the book, and not the movie, god not the movie..... ...not the movie... haha

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