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not being opinionated enough.

hi. So basically I'm in an intro to polisci course and they're already rolling out the why and how questions like we're already fucking leaders. I understand that some of the students in class are pretentious dicks that have already set their platforms and political spectrum in stone and will verbally-politically slaughter the other person in the argument by any means necessary but fuck.... I'm just a noob at this shit with no opinion on everything. I could not care less about why the western canada and eastern are so segregated politically or how to make western canada a more supportive region of bilingualism. It's a new fucking day. Let people choose what they want to speak and support. I honestly don't think people even care about the contrasts of eastern and western canada. On top of people that don't give a fuck, we have the borders opening their legs to thousands of immigrants daily and I'm sorry to say but that shit ain't helping out with bilingualism either. Immigrants migrate here to work; not to learn how to speak french or about canada's history. Hell, they could learn that online ._. ugh.

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How often do you buy your parents stuff?

Like clothing, accessories, etc. Don't count their birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or Christmas or any type of holiday for that matter.

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the shake

anyone master it? everytime i pee i get some droplets in my underwear its annoying help a brotha out

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9 days....

[URL] discuss.

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That aunt that you hate

My aunt is coming over from socal and she hates me and my mom. She fucking hates us. Everything about us. So I'm thinking of plans to reciprocate the hate. I know she hates it when her daughters and sons (all above 20) drink alcohol so that's obvious. What else?

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Household chores that you love to do

No lie I love doing the laundry. Makes my hands smell good at the end too.

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LP0RBOTH. yours? &)

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Maplestory Official Discussion Thread

Anybody else play? blushing I just got back from a two year break LOL but shit, everythings so different. Chief bandit has flash jump and shadow partner? And my entire damage from Savage Blow is like, 30% higher blinkyeyes Not to mention I got 30 extra skill points outta nowhere. I think I might start fresh but shit this has gotten way out of hand. Might even have to get some NX to get my equips back cause i dropped all my stuff when I took my break smh

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Things you used to fap to

But now you're all like "the fuck was i thinking jacking off to that" i used to fap to the commercials with the hot girls on the phone and they're all like "call today and talk to hot sexy singles!" whenever i saw dat commercial i was like &)

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Putting on and taking off jeans

How long does it take you guys to put on or take off your jeans?

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Name your lotion

Cause we all hate dat dry skin -_-

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CES 2011 Official Discussion Thread

It's the fucking greatest this year, and it hasnt even finished. From nvidia GT500M and ATI's 6000M series to the new Intel Sandy Bridge and 2011 cpus [I]and[/I] AMD's Fusion notebooks. Fuck i need to stop binge spending and upgrade my tech shit. This desktop sucks shit. I know I'm sold on the AMD fusion notebooks. Fucking kills every netbook out there as well as any macbook airs. [URL] that's what i follow for CES updates.

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Pretty little liars VOL. COME@ME

anyone see the season premiere? i couldnt. but fuck has muchmusic been advertising the shit out of it for weeks now. i been hearing it on the Beat as much times as they replay their music.

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Whiteknights come in here

gtfo. r u fking srs?

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How tall are you and what size bed?

Yo dawq dis thread is askin you how tall you be and what size bed you use. I be 5'6 rockin in dat double.

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