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Official NFL Discusion Thread

What if all of us could come together and have one great team? Then, that team could compete in the Olympics? I'm writing on behalf of weplay.com, and we are trying to make football an Olympic event. Peyton Manning is fully endorsing this and you should all sign the petition! This can be a golden opportunity for all American's to come together for a great cause. Please sign the petition by following this link: [URL] And tell a friend!

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Funny Pillow Fight Widget

The marketing company I work for is doing a cool promotion for Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer. We created a fun shareable widget where you can upload a photo of any face onto a steamy video clip of a hot pillow fighting scene featuring 2 lovely ladies and your chosen lead. It

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The Dark Knight 2008

so pumped for the dark knight. i have been waiting for this since i saw batman begins in the theater.

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