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wtt ds sz 10.5 black cement 3s

looking for the cdg x supreme pullover in sz m ds

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wtt white iPhone 4

just throw me some offers

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Want To Trade Ds Sz M Black Supreme Hockey Top

want to trade for a cdg x supreme hoodie in either black or grey ds sz m or for a burgundy paisley sz m ds pm me http://www.flickr.com/photos/76933686@N06/

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I Just Got A Girl Pregnant

what should i do should i stay or move somewhere

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Official Cow Thread

i like cows

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What kind of cigarettes do you guys smoke

Marlboro reds and 27s blacks and black devils

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Sometimes i just want to stick razors in my asshole because im just a dirty slut i want it deep in my intestines since i got your attention what do you guys think of all these fucking bulls snapback wearing skinny jean wearing obey shirt wearing bitches i want to kill them with fire AND MODS THIS IS JUST MY OPINION SO DONT BAN ME FOR THIS

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[WTB] Looking for these things

Im looking for the supreme motion logo pullover in Black m and motion logo five panels in black or maroon,fuckem five panel in black,supreme sunbrella shoulder bags in green or black,sean cliver sugar rush tee in m,sid tee in m,supreme olive zebra boonie hat s/m,cdg x supreme tee in black m,supreme baseball jersey in teal or black m. ALL DS OR NEAR DS CONDITION Also have a DS m supreme hockey top in Black ft

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WTB Taka Hayashi Akat Bitter brown 10.5

Let me know if you guys have this ds. Also looking for vans taka hayashi Sierra Trek Hi LX in brown leather Also the wtaps vans sk8 hi's sz 10.5 maroon

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WTS Supreme Shirts

I know these didnt sell out on the webstore but if anyones wants to grab them here it is. White Pam Grier tee sz L Black Dj Jesus love you tee sz L Grey Aracic tee sz L Just throw me some offers But the BIN is 10000 for each shirt i love you guys.

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