Official B-Shoc Thread

can't believe there isn't a B-Shoc, he has some serious slaps. his shit goes! [Embed content] Do the Jezuz lean, SNAP!

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Where can I get a backpack like this?

[B]*scroll down to the green one*[/B] [Image] Idc what the brand is or anything. Preferably black

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Law & Order: Los Angeles

discuss. [Image]

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Skrillex Appreciation Thread

Post your favorite skrillex songs/other shit about skrillex. [URL]

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Tring to buy a laptop <$1000 for college/gaming

As the title says, I want to cop a laptop for <$1000. This will definitely be a desktop replacement (trashing my desktop after cause it's bullshit). I would like for it to be usable for games for 2 years and school for 4 years. I don't know if I will even have time during college to play games, so I might end up buying some <$400 laptop that can do everything a regular college student needs. And yeah, I know laptop =/= great gaming, but whatever fuck a desktop. I found one that I think is decent. Opinions?? [URL]

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some of your favorite graphic sweatshirts?

^ what it asked -post some pics too

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What tee is this?


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Brands that make dope graphic sweatshirts?


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Sweatshirts and jackets for the fall?

What are all of you guys getting?

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I might be getting a used PS3 - help

So I'm getting bored as hell with my Xbox 360 and am tired of paying for every little thing and know that PS3 has more free shit on it. So I posted my 360 on craigslist and offered to trade for a PS3. My 360 has all cords + MW2. SO my PRIMARY question is, how do I go about finding out if anything's wrong with the PS3? I'm basically asking you guys how do I avoid getting ripped off. edit: I have an offer... original backwards compatible 60gig PS3. [B]infamous[/B] help me

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The Official Jnco Thread

I haven't seen any thread talking about Jnco jeans so I thought I'd start one up. Let's start with some of my personal favorites: [Image] Just another pic. Overall, I must say that jnco jeans are really durable pair of jeans and will last you a long time. Thoughts/Opinions?

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Seattle Music Festivals

Anyone going to Bumbershoot or the Capitol Hill Block Party? I personally think that the Bumbershoot lineup sucks, besides Bob Dylan and that the block party's line is way better. [URL]

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What do you think the meaning of life is?

I think that it is to find happiness, since most of our actions are driven by the desire of happiness. in before: jordansanity, nvo, rhjs, vancity, xaq other trolls. Trying to get a meaningful thread going. for the semi-philosophical guys: [URL]

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Fit Battle lol: Northwest vs. Jordansanity

northwest [Image]

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Movies that have a theme of summer


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