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Martin Streak is dead!

yeah, i know this is hypebeast but I used to listen to 102.1 the edge religiously especially the live to air with martin streak cause it was the great to listen to. Shit was awesome. I just heard recently he committed suicide, i did some research and its true! [URL] Can't believe he killed himself, i still can't believe it. RIP anyone else listen to him on the 102.1 the edge?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Very strong alcohol

Anyone know really hard alcohol that I can buy that is really strong and will knock you out? Something like Absinthe except maybe less known or something hard only in some countries? I'm wanna buy it as a gift for my dad but I'm not sure whats out there cause I never really looked. Anyone know any good hard ones? They gotta be legal to buy to. Anyone got any suggestions? So far i only found this [URL]

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Facebook names

Anyone get the name they wanted on their facebook or something good? best thing i seen yet (taken from digg.com) [URL]

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Anyone into Hardcore?

I don't know, but i've always loved this type of music and when you see the bands live, its always a bad ass performance and the craziest type of dancing. There are a bunch out there and i don't know the names that well but here are some videos with kick ass songs and funny vids in them symphony of peril [URL] anyone got any good ones?

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Rock concerts vs Rap concerts

hey guys. I've only just been to rock concerts and i am going to a rap concerts next month (rock the bells tour, and maybe sean paul with akon ). I like rock concerts cause the moshing, the head banging, the crazy people, the loud music with the obviously awesome music, and just how fun it is overall. How are rap concerts compared to rock concerts (if you've done both)? are they a totally different vibe? or are they just as crazy? any opinions on this? do you prefer one over the other?

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Electronic/Techno/House anyone?

I have noticed its mostly rap and stuff like that here but anyone into the type of rave/techno/house type music? There has got to be a few people out there loving the heavy bass...I also love metal but this topic is for electronic type of stuff... This month i am going to go see Benny Benassi [URL] anyone else like this kinda stuff? I am also thinking of starting to mess around to make music like this but have no clue to begin since there is so much out there.

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Ralph Lauren in Toronto or online

hey guys, i got a bunch of noob questions. I was looking at the ralph lauren online site and they had some polo's and stuff that i liked and wanted to buy but unfortunately they only ship in the states. I've been looking to see if i can get them in toronto and the only place i can find them is supposedly in HoltenFrew? Online there was stuff that was like $50-100. Will it be the same price in that store? cause i read prices are higher in that store. Anyone know how much they are approximately? Any other places i can go to Toronto to purchase or even online that will ship to Canada? Lots of noob questions. The polo's look more comfortable than Lacoste ones so i'm gonna try them out. Thanks in advnace

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Looking for a pair to work out with!

hello, i have been browsing this forum and finally signed up (great forum) i have begun working out and i have a pair of those shox but they r getting old now. I am looking for a nice pair to work out with and do runs, bike rides, etc etc. I am looking for one that i can tie the laces and also strap ( i just like shoes that can strap, they look siick to me LOL) Can someone give me any suggestions? the most i'll spend for the shoes is probably around 250.00 canadian. Can someone give me a suggestion? thanks in advance.

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