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Asian kids! please help me!


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How many languages do you know?

Fluent: Dutch, English, Korean Able to translate: Latin, Ancient Greek (I know, not very useful but I had to learn it at school) Learned at school for 4 years but forgot most of it: French, German

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Modern Warfare 2 Official Discussion Thread

that nightvision looks like some toy.

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The stig is schumacher!

The Stig is done by multiple drivers, no way that it was Schumacher all the time.

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So, is this real?

youtube.com/watch?v=ryDqi8Ze1mc&feature=related Here's is some info on the "Blackjack Hexadecimal Code".

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Stores to visit in Korea

There are 2 more I found, I dont know if they are any good: Streetbomb: streetbomb.com Liful: liful.co.kr

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