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This is my Blog, turned our blog, I couldn't have accomplish nearly half as much without this great crew. Simply put this blog is here for all walks of car connoisseurs. If you think you got what it takes, and feel you deserve some shine in the lime light by all mean hit us up!!!! LINK to site: [URL] "SO WHAT IS GRIPSET? - QUICK WALK-THROUGH" Grip-set.com is a site dedicated to all walks of automotive enthusiasts. we started this site just for us! Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Automotive Enthusiasts, ranging from the show to the street circuit. This is your free all access pass to get the behind the scenes, onsite in your face coverage - the insider view of the things we do!" We highlight vehicles with weekly features ( yes, more footage than your favorite blog tongueface ), as well as coast to coast, country to country, event coverage. Whoever is interested: email us a pic of your ride will take it from there. NO IPHONE PICS, PLEASE HAVE SOME PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS. [b]E:[/b] Joel@Grip-set.com ( Admin ) Sharon@Grip-set.com ( Admin Asst. ) CHECK OUT THE SITE!!!!!!! IS A MUST SEE

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You guys beware of this guy!!!! I was dumb and I acknowledge that, however just heed the warning. I'm relatively new to this "shoe buying resale error," and this was a good lesson!!! This guy posts tons of ads across craigslist. You can google his phone # in the exact format I listed below and see for yourselves. ERIC SMITH ATL, GA 678.835.7980 CRAIGSLIST SCAMMER, JUST BEWARE.... I WAS A VICTIM FOR $187 it was my fault for being naive. He got me for some supreme nike sb's [Image]

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