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The best rapper alive.!!!!

andre 3000 ghostface killa

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Sticker on New Era

take all stickers off, top and bottom of bill...oh and always gotta bend the bill, with a slight bend, nothing crazy...flat bill is clue for a tool, well unless you actually play baseball

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

New era queation

new era is the shit and always will be...until baseball dies...new era isnt a fad...love baseball you wear a new era authentic cap...the only way to do it...my only complaint about people wearing new era is all the yankees hats around...fuck the bombers...and to the clowns who keep the stickers on the hat...why? you look retarded, no one wants to know how big your head is and believe me, the hat looks so much cleaner with the stickers off(I mean all stickers; on top and under the bill)...staying clean and simple is something you cant go wrong with

2 Weeks ago in Fashion