Triumvir tees?

where can i cop Triumvir tees? [Image] Im really diggin that F**K your clique tee. i must cop.

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Retro City - shoe store.

Aiight suprized no one is talkin about this, located west side of Warden and Finch street called Bridletowne Circle. They carry mad retro shoes, from new balance,pony, cr8tive recreation, chucks, and ALL limited edtions. They dont carry nike's or addidas, but the shiit they cary are dope. anyone checked it out yet? or is it just me. funny cos i never seen this place before and when i went in the area to pick up my dominoes pizza i see this store in the middle of scarborough.

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Where to cop Trucker Hats.

Where can i get the best trucker hats in T.O. Ones with nice designs on em, somethin like this: [Image]

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Lupe King-Mag accessories question.

[center][URL] edit: I know thats a wee ninja but whats the other two?[/center]

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where to cop Nike SB.

I want some SB's exclusive ones, what is the best Site to cop them that has resonable price? I mean goodfoot and dazone dont really have that much selection's once it comes to SB's. so yea online probably be the best just dont know any, and i font want to ebay. thankz.. Edit: already know vintegekicks and pickyourshoes so someothers would be great. blushing

2 Weeks ago in Canada

HELP: where to cop LRG's in GTA?

Yea i only know about two stores that sell really nice LRG hoodies. Those are DaZone and Uptown. Ransom doesent have any, neither Lounge. I cant really find other stores for fresh new LRG hoodies. so if you know any, post them or pm me. THANKS.

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