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(2) iPhone's, PS3 Skate 3, && Obey Snapback

Please Read: All items are in great-perfect condition. Paypal (send as gift or +4%). Will never ship first. All prices negotiable, but don't lowball. Additional pictures will be posted upon request. Any questions? (512)786-4740 [I]*all items in [COLOR="Cyan"]cyan[/COLOR] are [B][U]SOLD[/U][/B]![/I] 16 Gig. Black iPhone -Never used by me. (I reseted the phone to factory settings tho, ready to go) BIN: 250 shipped obo [Image]

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Polo Raulph Lauren, Kane & Unke, T.I.T.S. and Obey

[B]QUICK SALE PLEASE[/B] [B]QUICK SALE PLEASE[/B] [B]QUICK SALE PLEASE[/B] Located: Austin, TX. (512) Sales are FINAL. [COLOR="Red"]NO TRADES.[/COLOR] Pay Pal Only. As gift or +4%. Email me at: [email]nike.kickgame@yahoo.com[/email] Tag: [Image]

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NIke SB's && a few Air Jordans for EVERYONE size 9 && 9.5.


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Xbox 360!

[COLOR="Red"]EDIT[/COLOR]: Only XBOX 360 is for sale now, sole camcorder already on ISS. XBOX 360 w/ one of the RROD's ready to go! Cosmetically 9.8/10! Usable for spare parts or for fix for those who know how to! [B][U]Includes:[/U][/B] -Xbox 360 Console ONLY [U][B]Payment:[/B][/U] -Via PAY PAL ONLY [U][B]Shipping:[/B][/U] -AFTER payment clears [U][B]Trades:[/B][/U] -NO, NO, NO [B]JUST HIT ME UP WITH REASONABLE[/B] [I](LOWBALLERS WILL BE IGNORED)[/I] [B]OFFERS![/B] -Thanks, nikeSB.32 [Image]

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Price Check: Samsung Camcorder

I have had this camcorder sitting in my closet for some time, i think it's time to tell it. Here is some pictures, if you need more pictures let me know so i can help you help me to sell this for what it's worth. it is very very clean, practically new. only used a few times, maybe 2-5x's. [Image]

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Bred/Varsity Red Air Jordan 6's size 9.5

Look, I got these size 9.5 Varsity Red 6's up for sale. No Rush. Hit me up asap tho if you're interested in these kicks. Payment: Pay Pal Trades: Open, sizes 9-10 Shipping: USPS Double Boxed w/ Delivery Confirmation BIN: (OFFER UP) HB Tag- [Image]

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[FS] iTouch 8gig.

What up? You're looking at and 8gig iTouch. Flawless. It is used, in great working condition, work perfect with in car attachment but for headphone you need to adjust sometime, one side plays perfect. Paypal +4% or send as "Gift" to avoid fees. I will clear all memory after payment clears will be shipped in bubble wrapped enclosed env. BIN: 155 negotiable For more pictures or to contact me hit me up via email(nike.kickgame@yahoo.com), sms(5127864740) or AIM (nikeshoegame) for FASTEST RESPONSE. [Image]

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Feedback: nikeSB.32

If I sold you something or bought something off of you, leave your personal feedback here.... -Thanks __________________________________________________

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everytime you leave the forum for the day/night say your goodbyes (: like now! im out guys. later < sooner

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Just a few suggestions

The main page of the forum is a good set up, but to add some graphics how about adding a banner above the shoutbox? Something with "hypebeast" in it and colors and etc?... Any photoshoper's? Why dont yall make The Marketplace Sneakers section more in depth by sizes. Each size is their own sub-catagory, it'll make finding your shoe size(s) easier. As well as making the sneakers section easier to navigate! The Marketplace < Shoes < Size 8.5 and Below The Marketplace < Shoes < Size 9 The Marketplace < Shoes < Size 9.5 The Marketplace < Shoes < Size 10 The Marketplace < Shoes < Size 10.5 The Marketplace < Shoes < Size 11 The Marketplace < Shoes < Size 11.5 The Marketplace < Shoes < Size 12 The Marketplace < Shoes < Size 12.5 and Above The Marketplace < Shoes < Size Multi-Sizes Listings PS - If yall are still looking for a Mod I'd like to be one, I plan on staying active, even though I'm fairly new to this site I've been with N-SB, ISS and eBay for awhile. I've been a Mod for a few GFX sites so I have some experience, I'd like to request to be on in.. The Marketplace or Nike. If not thanks for reading blushing

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OFFICIAL: Austin/Dallas/Houston/San Antonio, TX

[B]If you have any info you wanna share in the Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio local area go ahead and post any DXC's or Sneaker Head Meet-Ups info here.[/B] All info will be reviewed and looked through and this post will be updated. If there are any store that you think someone should check out in your local area fill this out please: [Quote] [u][b]Upcoming Events[/b][/u]: *waiting for info [u][b]Upcoming Releases[/b][/u]: -[URL] -Thanks for looking!

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