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[Now Or Nvr] - 2012 Official Discussion Thread

For the past couple years, me and my younger twin brothers had put together ideas and concepts to establish our own line of clothing. After a few name changes, a lot of talk and procrastination, we finally decided on Now Or Never. (NowOrNvr) The name to us was simple and dope, and after some procrastination and what seemed like wasted time, it was fitting. Something different, with an original look is what we want to accomplish with our collection. 2010 was our official start date, with our first set of prints releasing July, 2011. Based out of San Diego, California, our influences come from a variety of different lifestyles. Our focus and looks are not targeted for a certain group, but for everyone. NVR hold back! Happy New Years form Now Or Nvr , hope the best for everyone in 2012 !!

2 Weeks ago in Brands