Official Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Thread

@[URL] did you use after effects for this?  you recommend any tutorials to get s grasp of the program?

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Starting a New Line/Brand Feedback Thread

whats good everyone, currently working on a line myself. Shit is definitely harder/more time consuming than I originally thought. Me and my partners wanted to go all out with the cut and sew route to start, but it's just not feasible for someone who is new/wanting to break into this industry. Alot of the stuff Im seeing on here is great, some of its meh, others just plain suck/not my style. Im no expert by any means, but the designers who are taking the time to perfect on the little things are presenting the strongest offerings. For example the broke clothing line (one with the bandaid over piggy bank, my fault I dont remember, and Im too lazy after going through 80+ pages.) I wasn't necessarily feeling the designs (just not my steelo),but the product offering was taken to that next level with the addition of labeling the hangtags and what not. The little stuff can make or break you. Distant Light is definitely doing it right. I dont agree with everything you say/your opinions, but I can most definitely tell that you are doing your homework and making sure that you come 100% correct when you launch. I can appreciate that. Good look to everyone, I look forward to posting some products of my own soon, and most certainly gained further motivation and drive by seeing what you all have accomplished so far.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion