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English Help

Alright, I need some help for my business writing class. I have to give a quick speech tomorrow on a problem that needs a solution. The problem cant be a global issue like how we can fix the problems in the middle east ect. but sort of like a day to day problem. So I was hoping some of you guys can shed some light on problems you encounter that need to be fixed.

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Mac Book Problem

Hey everyone, im hoping someone on here is a little more computer savy than me. I got a new mac book today and im having troubles connecting it to my wireless network. The mac pics up the networks around me, so when i click on the network in my house, and type in the appropriate password it says that its incorect, but when i use that same password to conect to the network on my old computer (non mac) it connects fine. Would it have something to do with my router not liking macs or something? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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