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Vans Birds Forest Green Authentic Defects or Samples? Size:7

Hey guys, Need your help weather these are Defects or Samples, I've purchase these shoes from a consignment store, And notice these part of the Vans Birds California collection. But I'll notice alot things that are off, like the Birds pattern is on points, but its just the colors are missing, the shoe laces eyes lids are white, the bottom sole is waffle flat instead of the outsole/ square thing, the inside of the shoes have the vans logo instead of the California logo, the vans Logo tag is white instead of orange. But the strangest thing is that these are actually real authentics as everything its literally on point like how the the inside tongue have the size or how the sole is waffle. Theirs are no fakes, nobody have made a fake Birds pattern or even acquired it, and plus i literally took 4 hours of my life trying to research if its fakes, Nobody haven't produced it or theirs is no website that sale fake vans birds authentics. But i just want your guys opinion on this situation, ask few my sneakers head friends about this shit they told me their real vans but their probly defects, I don't know weather good or not, and here the links to the pics:   [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Vans