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social media liberated the art world.

I believe... that with the advent of social media, artists can take full control over their careers for the first time. I wrote about this belief in detail here: http://www.weseelions.com/the-revolution-will-be-pixelated/ what do you guys think?

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[WTB] Award Tour Tees S-M

I was a broke college student when they dropped...now i'm a slight less broke starving artist who really wants to cop.

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wips and barely finished shit

hey. my name is nia.  I've been known to start a lot and finish a little  pray you dig this

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

incredible collaborators

Hey yall I'm Nia Keturah... this is how the world knows me [URL] But really I'm just a girl who love trippy beats. If you have any send me some to litetdl at gmail dot com

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Po Lil Black Girl - Nia Keturah

[Embed content]  The trailer features the beat "Po Lil Black Girl pt.IV" produced by A$AP P on the Boards, the incomparable producer of A$AP Rocky ft. Flatbush Zombie's "Bath Salts" and A$AP Ant's "Coke and White Bitches" The tape features Ryshon Jones, two9 affiliate Papa Jae, ICK member ABGOHARD, and Taahir. PLBG's interludes are all performed by OXYxMORON. The tape boasts beats composed by A$AP P (P on the Boards), Wino Willy, B00 Radley, Raiden Major from Major118, Hiri Skywalker, Savvy Society and Tim Pace [URL]

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Official Isaiah Rashad Thread

just listen. [URL]

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[SCi FLi] 2012 Thread

socially conscious individuals /// fulfilling life's imagination /// [URL] [Image]

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7 volume One

[Image] insha'allah, you'll dig it

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Trinidad James Thread

Mass love for this dude....in all of his glorious ratchetness. [Embed content] [URL]

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[Those DeLaLuz] 2012 Official Thread

Those DeLaLuz = Those of the Light (in some twisted incorrect frenchspanish mix) A 5 year old tribe with roots in ATL. Believing that we should just keep it lite, after all it's just clothes. We vehemently support: boogie boarding, street art, anything southern and fried, spirituality, large bodies of water and bonfires. [Image] come pow wow with the tribe; [URL] // Instagram = @Thosedelaluz // free merch with any purchase for the Hypebeast Family, just put "HYPE FAM" in the message to seller box. Ya'll have really held it down for the tribe (the red blinking boxes indicate shoutbox love) and we'd like to say thank you.

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The Missed Education of Denise Huxtable

[URL] [Image] [Quote]

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humbly asking for collaborators

I got this idea a few months ago, I want as many people as possible to send me ANY picture they wish to so I can paint on them. I want to work on these pictures as art forms and work with the senders as collaborators. I call it the INbox Collab Project, if you're interested please peep this post http://www.thosedelaluz.com/2012/05/09/inbox-collab-project-volume-uno/ and send your picture to litetdl@gmail.com appreciate all the pictures in advance.

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Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino is the next Fresh Prince. So Donald Glover is the next Will Smith. ----said this joking around the other day, [B]BUT[/B] the kid does have mad talent. any love for the child?

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