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[FS] - APC New Standards sz 29

Searching for a pair of jeans with that perfect fit can get pricey. These prove it. These have been worn a few times and have just been kinda laying around. Asking for 120 USD shipped. PM me if interested... [Image]

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Weird question, I know...

But I'm looking at an old Complex mag (Feb/Mar 2007), and I see a fit of jeans that I really like, but I can't tell what they are. I'm guessing they're Nudie Organic Average Joe's just by the looks. They're in the Fruition pic, the guy all the way on the left... [URL] I know they're too small to tell by this pic, but possibly someone can help?

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I just moved to northern Kentucky. Real close to Cincinnati, Ohio. Where are the places to shop out here??? Thanks in advance. PEACE...

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New Beat.

Called "More Horns Blowin." myspace.com/tbaxmusic Let me know what you all think.

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Can I Have Your Number???

Just a funny video. Peep... [URL]

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Information on Kanye's Graduation Deluxe Edition CD???

Does anyone have any info on the Kanye West Graduation Deluxe Edition CD??? Like, will there be more songs, or a DVD included or what??? Thanks in advance.

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If this ain't for rich bastards...

I don't know what is. Just browsing, and stumbled on this. Crazy. [URL]

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Ice Cream Jeans, Check Quick.

[Image] Real or Fake. Quick please. Thanks in advance.

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What online games are you playing???

I don't know if this goes here, or if this isn't already made, but I was jus wondering what online games are you all playing? I play a game called War Rock every now and then. 1st person shooter. Pretty coo. You???

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