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90's Dance Music


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Android Official Discussion Thread


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Japanese Cellphones

Anybody have a Keitai? I've been looking up on it quite a bit lately because I'm in need of a new phone. I don't really need a data phone and the monthly bill would be deadly, all I need is to call and text anyway. Anyways I've been considering the Docomo SH-06a by Sharp which looks dope as fuck. Come with a 10 mp camera and has a tremendous capture abilities. [Image] Does anyone have one? Suggestions and thoughts?

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PS3 Gaming Headsets

Any suggestions on good gaming headsets? I was looking at the Turtle Beach Ear Force P21 and reviews were pretty good, but just wondering if there were any better ones you guys know of

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Exporting iPod songs

I'm planning to jailbreak my iPod touch and want to back up my files just in case. Any recommended programs to export my music from the iPod?

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