WDYWT: 2011 (Chat Edition)

Puma AMQ Scarred Street Low to '24 Hours of Clyde' event here in Portland last night. [Image]

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Pocket T's ?

Love pocket tees. Any good slim fit but long tees you guys would recommend? I'm 6-3 but lanky.

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WDYWT: 2011 (Pictures Only. No Talk)

Puma AMQ Scarred Street Low to '24 Hours of Clyde' event here in Portland last night. [Image]

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Need a way to rock these shoes.

[Quote] Mostly just you. Wear a subtle grey top with those. Shoes in a base color like that will clash with anything too busy up top. Keep it simple.

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Official Watch Discussion Thread

[Quote] Well, I think you have to look at their pricepoints and realize they're a nice, more affordable, every-day wear watch for a more casual style. If you're not into nicer watches and looking for something at a solid price, they're a good option. I have quite a few and really like them. Not exactly sure I'll be buying an AP anytime soon, so for what they are, I'm a fan. Anyways, I've been primarily wearing this Tsovet for the past 2 years, and LOVE it. Real clean and bold. [Image]

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companies that use CYC Hoodies

Reigning Champ is probably your best bet if you're looking for something subtle that's not Supreme yet still CYC-based. They put out tremendous stuff.

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Starting my own line. Any Thoughts? (Pics inside)

Compared to most upstart lines that are posted on forums, this really isn't all that bad. You really need to look at the positioning of the 'A' and 'P' relative to the rest of the brand name in that first logo, as the spacing seems a bit off. Also, I'd re-think the "Raising The Curve" positioning, as it doesn't exactly work as you likely intended. Might be better suited with a different tagline. Try and add a bit more depth and feel to some of the more 2D graphics too, as those come off slightly underdeveloped and bare. Overall, it's a good general direction compared to most initial starting points, but there's still a ton of strategy & positioning work to be figured out. Lastly, UNDRCRWN did that *EXACT* Brotherhood tournament tee around 3 seasons ago.

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What Shoes You Guys Rockin This Summer?

Those navy Chucks above are amazing. I just got a pair with the same block but Olive leather for $25 at a Converse outlet. All white midsole, capt toe and tonal heel branding makes them real sweet. I usually stick with Jack Purcells & Prestos for most of summer.....and of course, tons of bulky as hell basketball shoes that I can't wear during the rest of the year out here in Portland.

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Favorite sports team colorway?

Sacramento Kings all day long. Black/ Purple / Silver Or... Vancouver Grizzlies was also REAL nice.

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Air Jordan 5 Grey Wolf

This is a damn good colorway in a watered-down line as of late. But I really dislike the #23 on Vs. Deal breaker.

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One Brand For Rest Of Your Lfie

I could probably get by decently on Uniqlo. Something about saying The Hundreds is hilarious to me.

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What is your most favorite brand of denim?

Levi's. But I'm boring / burnt out on everything else that's out there.

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What are you listening to?

I've had Smashing Pumpkins on most of the day. Mostly 'Adore' stuff -- a bit lighter.

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What Magazines are Hypebeasts reading?

Maybe I'm being biased / naive, but there's just something I love about tangible print magazines. If anyone has been shifting away from buying print magazines in favor of iPad versions -- I'm curious to see how you're enjoying them so far? Anything in particular you really like? To me, Wired is outstanding on the iPad. Anyways, I try and check out: Fast Company Wired GQ Antenna SLAM Vice Inventory XXL Respect Beautiful Decay Vice Nylon ESPN Dime And uh...Sole Collector

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[Louis Vuitton] 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Luxury Exchange & Malleries are straight, but they're both exchange sites and you're generally buying used items. If it's a gift for your girl, either buy new direct from LV, or look into something that fits your price range better. Rather than throw down on a bag, maybe spring for a solid getaway instead too.

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