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Official How to Make Your Computer Fast, Efficient, and Clean Thread

avira and ccleaner and you're set! both free both fast

2 Weeks ago in Gaming


took a listen off my friend's beats. they are very bassy, pretty good mids and crystal trebles, but an entry level of koss would be cheaper and be just as good. if you like thumping bass give them a whirl

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Fight Night Round 4

been waiting for a long while, it's been 2+ years since fight night round 3!

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Semester Drawings

reminds me of kaws! :D awesome sketches

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Photography-Pipo Nguyen-duy

great work! a surreal sense of desolation is difficult to capture

2 Weeks ago in Photography

To sag or not to sag?

sag only if you have nice underpants :D

2 Weeks ago in Denim

Have you seen X-Men Orgins yet?

the problem i had with the movie was i already knew what was going to happen; wolverine never dies, he has to lose his memory, he won't get the girl. it was like waiting for each prediction to happen. it still is an action blockbuster nonetheless

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

[FS/FT] LV Damier Graphite iPhone Case

damn this case costs almost as much as the iphone. bump for you!

2 Weeks ago in Other Goods

Neighborhood Death of a President Tee

those nbhd tees are sweet, wonder how the movie turned out?

2 Weeks ago in Asia

LEGIT Sneaker stores in HK?

i think juice at causeway bay has some sneaks, last i was there they stocked some visvims. but that was before their renovation facelift

2 Weeks ago in Legit Checks

Any good Hypebeast blogs in Japanese?

i think honeyee would be your best bet, apart from celebrity blogs and new fashion drops, they have an online webstore too.

2 Weeks ago in Japan

Official..Eminem's new album titled "Relapse"

the voice of the y-generation is back! good to see em on the return

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion


i'm not so sure about Monster's overpriced sound quality, but their new dr dre in-ear earphones come in black and red and look puuurty. overpriced as usual though at $150

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

[Triumvir] - 2009 Discussion Thread

wicked drops! go hard or go home :D

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Supra NS Skytop burgundy patent

about right, kloop has good deals with the rep codes. supra skytops are killer and don't cost the world!

2 Weeks ago in Footwear