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What's youre favorite number and why? Thread

Number 4 cos it was the number on my rugby jersey since i was 7

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

College Discussion Thread.

Does anyone know anything about exchange students going to study in America, I wouldn't mind doing that but I have no idea about it

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Lets be real: Post random shit that you do that mostly no one does.

Just before I go in the shower I always have a number 2 and clean my ass in the shower

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What Video Game are You Playing

Skate 3 hype even though it's been out for ages

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Rep where your from!

Manchester, England (MCR)

2 Weeks ago in Europe

Official Odd Future Wolf Gang Thread

I bet that zombie bitch was shitting her pants when Tyler was up in her face lol

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion