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Picture/Video/Gif thread Vol. 5

New year, time for [Image] [b]Another One.[/b]

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Some issues with the new design

Can you bring back the feature where when someone is quoted and you click their username it takes you back to the original post?  Can we add support for video embeds for twitter/instagram/facebook? Even though this new design looks web 2.0 the forums aren't mobile friendly on mobile. which is strange given all the youtube videos are 100% width on desktop. Some posts on responsive video embeds. http://coolestguidesontheplanet.com/videodrome/youtube/ http://avex designs.com/responsive-youtube-embed/ http://help.hubspot.com/articles/KCS_Article/COS-Pages-Editor/How-do-I-make-my-embedded-YouTube-video-responsive Browsing the video/gif thread I took off  #topic-posts .post .content iframe.embed-content { width: 100% !important; } in the inspector and the page looked much better.

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Is this racist poster a bot or some fuckboi?

Cause i keep seeing different accounts posting this same shit. Can you guys try to track this down to keep the trash out? just hit recent posts and you'll see what i'm talking about.

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Exposed Vol. No Thirst in The City

just saw this on anonib. damn. talk about exposed. [Image] [URL]

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Nerdy kid pulling bad bitches left and right. real or fake?

[Image] epic threads [URL]

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