Installing a sub?

so i had a speakerbox lying around with 2 10" subs. my dad bought got it off some dude one day. I wanna insall it in the trunk but i got noooo idea where to start. Anyone with experience?

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Those new Adidas commercials

are the shit. Anyone know the song in the commercial? Edit: nvm i got it. but yeah, good ass commercial! [youtube][/youtube]

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Nas To Pursue His High School Diploma

[URL] what the fuck?

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Was anybody else listening to Flow 93.5 last night? [Mon. Feb. 8th]

Around 11:00 PM they were playing literally the greatest mix i've ever heard in my life...I don't know if it's cause i was high as fuck.. but it was amazing. Anyone know what show it was?

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Four Loko

Anyone ever have these? I heard one can gets u nice but i can't find it anywhere in Toronto smh Thoughts on this? Good or not? [Image]

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Your thoughts on Stem Cell Research

waht do you guys think about it? Im writing a debative essay on why the research SHOULDNT be banned. i have 2 points, looking to find a third.. and also to get some other points of view. 1) Allows medical science to advance 2) Has the potential to save many lives 3) ...

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What champagne for tonight?(New Years Eve)

it's the end of '09 soooo what champagne you guys gonna get? Or any recommendations?

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Ipod music transfer help?

I have a 30GB with ALL my music which isnt backed up. The ipod is in recovery mode, but i want to transfer all of those files to my 80GB.. Is there any way? If i lose all those files... its gonna be the end of me smh

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Favorite 'cocky' Kanye lyrics

kanye is a fuckin beastttt. post some of your all time fav. Kanye lyricssmokeyface

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PS3 video help [Subtitles]

I just recently downloaded Ong Bak.. it's an mp4 file. I burnt it w/ Divx and it worked.. the only problem is that i dont know how to burn it with the subtitles cause the whole movie is in Thai.. I have the subs in the folder of the download.. but how do i burn them along with the video? .. i dont wanna watch a whole movie in Thai... This is for my PS3 by the way

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Liquor suggestions?

k so, party this Friday.. i need some suggestions. Preferably rum

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A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2010)

wtf is this shit real? [URL] info please? i will stop smoking weed if this shit comes out.

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Has anyone read Angels & Demons?

on page 220... possibly the best book i've ever picked up. BUT, i need some help. Who ever has read it, can you guys gimme some possible THEMES of the novel? i have an introduction for an essay due tomorrow and i got writers block.. ionno wtf to write! HELP

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Anyone thinking about the A&R business?

as a backup plan, im thinking of going into the whole A&R thing... but i have no clue as how to start it off.. im guessing you'd have to have madd connections right? any advice? or anyone else thinking the same as me?

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