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[FS] Nike - SB's, AF1's, AM's, Court Force and more...

[B][COLOR="Red"]RULES[/COLOR][/B] 1) I DO NOT SHIP FIRST!!! 2) Shoes will [B]ONLY[/B] be shipped out [COLOR="red"]with tracking[/COLOR] using Hong Kong Speed Post (5-10 days air mail) or REGISTERED MAIL (7-15 days min. air mail) 3) Payment to be made either by Paypal (+4% or use Gift Option) / Western Union / Wire Transfer / Concealed Cash (at your own risk) 4) NO TRADES - I need the cash... 5) More pics can be taken upon request (For serious buyers ONLY) 6) EXTREME Low Ballers WILL BE IGNORED!!! 7) [B]ALL SHOES ARE DS (NEVER TRIED ON) Unless otherwise specified[/B] [COLOR="Red"][B]PLEASE NOTE[/B] - Most of my collection is [B]US SIZE[/B] 10/10.5, but i also have a quite a few pairs of kicks in [B]US Size[/B] 9 - 11[/COLOR] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- To kick start this thread: [B][COLOR="Blue"]BTTYS[/COLOR][/B] (Be True To Your School) Dunk SB's ([B]US SIZE 10[/B]) - Trying to sell these as a FULL SET OF 7 [COLOR="red"](MAKE OFFER)[/COLOR] [Image]

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Its been fun ya'll but my time here is also coming to an end...

Well, as the title states... my days here have finally been numbered and i'm not going to be the forum manager here after May 1st (most probably not even a mod by the looks of things)... so yeah, its been fun getting to know some of you fool's and playing devils advocate with others... Anyway, you'll probably still see me around for a little while since i'm going to be getting rid of a lot of my kicks here, but yeah... this is basically the end of the Pimp as ya'll know it... which i'm sure is going to make at least a few members happy... So take it easy ya'll and maybe i'll see some of you around in the future... Naked Pimp

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(UPDATED 4/9/2014) Confirmed Scammer List

Due to the recent surge of scammers on the HB boards, we have come up with a new Market Place policy, and from now on, any member CONFIRMED to be a scammer will have their names listed in here, along with their given names. While address info will be handed out on case to case basis depending on the situation... So be warned, once your name has been tagged, thats the end of the road for you, and you will not be allowed any more name changes, or allowed to sign up for any new accounts!!! Lastly if you feel un-sure about any new members you are dealing with, please feel free to drop me a PM before you make a deal with them to ask me for an IP check... but please DO NOT WASTE MY TIME and do your research first before asking me!!! ------------------------------- LIST OF SCAMMERS NAMES BELOW: ------------------------------- 1) VERMONT - confirmed scammer ([URL] 45) jerad / rottwlr, and any user with this email: jeradmccann@live.com - Scammer (beware)

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WDYWT: December 2008 (PICS ONLY Edition)

[COLOR="red"][B]PLEASE READ THE NEW RULES BEFORE POSTING[/B][/COLOR] This months WDYWT (pics only) thread is STRICTLY FOR PICS ONLY no exceptions!!! if you want to talk about a fit post it in the WDYWT Chat Edition post instead!!! Any one caught repeatedly breaking the rules may receive an infraction

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